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    2nd hand options on 997S

    I am getting a 2nd hand 997S in the next 2 weeks from Germany. My main problem is selecting the options I want, keeping in mind that I live in London (UK) and will track the car 2-3 a year (hoping more if I get into it and it does not cost too much). By the way, I testdrove a convertible with every conceivable gizmos in the options list.

    My specs:
    Black or Basalt Black / Black interior
    Adaptive Sport Seats
    Heated seats
    Sat Nav + phone
    Sports exhaust (I can add it myself)
    Sports Chrono Pack
    Sports shift (is it any good, can add it myself also)
    PASM (really tempted by Sports suspensions, but my wife would kill me)
    Auto dimming mirrors

    What do you think, and what do you think might be superfleous? It is always difficult to find everything excactly as wished for.



    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    I think you will really enjoy Sport Exhaust and Sport Shifter. They both add a great deal to the pleasure of driving the 997S.

    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    You forgot the colored wheel crests! You could use a little color on the blk/blk, maybe. Nice touch I think.

    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    JAG007 said:
    PASM (really tempted by Sports suspensions, but my wife would kill me)
    Auto dimming mirrors

    Your wife knows the difference between PASM and -20mm? That's pretty knowledgeable.

    The auto-dimming mirrors are pretty cool. I didn't know that included the side mirrors, in addition to the rear view mirror, but it works great. I would also get the colored wheel crests on a black/black as MMD has suggested. Even better look is the yellow calipers of the PCCB breaks on a black/black with the colored wheel crests.

    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    I'm sure someone suggested previously to order the colored wheel crests later- that way you'll have both sets for the cost of one.

    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S


    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    Good luck JAG007!

    Are used 997s much cheaper in Germany than the UK?

    Also, will you buy from a main dealer in Germany and is the car UK spec?


    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    I'm waiting for the '997 werkswagen' to come out in Zuffenhausen; anyone any idea when they will be available?

    Re: 2nd hand options on 997S

    I could pay up to Euro 15.000 less than UK prices, probably about Euro 10.000. This translates into $12.000 minimum saving. Bear in mind that they will be left hand drive, although considering that I will be driving accross Europe with it I do not have a problem. I will also lose out at resale, meaning I will have the hassle of reselling it with British number plates rather than say German, but I intend to keep the car. Purchase wise, there is an excellent site called MOBILE.DE, you will find a lot of leased cars.




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