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    Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    Seems pretty cool I kind of like it. But wait! I still dearly LOVE Porsche :-) .

    Re: Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    we all love porsches-- but they have to watch out... the torquey merc SL55, the "below-murcielago" lamborghini, "midsized" bentley GT coupe, carrera-priced aston martin, more reliable ferraris and last but not least the BMW 5/6 series with the M badge... there are really interesting sports cars/GT's coming up (or already here)! and what's porsche doing? going after the quick buck and bringing us the cayenne!

    That's a good looking 6 Series

    Re: That's a good looking 6 Series

    due to a source at BMW the new 5 and 6 series will look really awesome-- not at all as bulky as the 7 series. very slim and sportive. IMO it'll be a great car, especially with the M or the twin turbo engine. cheers; zzboba

    Re: Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    I heard a lot about BMW's V10 with 500 HP and as soon as BMW will offer this engine on the X5, I might buy it. But I learned over the last two or three years that BMW actually became Mercedes and vice versa. When I think about the first suspension setup of the new 3 series, I get angry. BMW corrected this setup but a bit too late.
    A 5 series with a turbo charged 380 HP engine ? Sounds nice. But what about the suspension setup and the electronics problems (already saw two new 7 series grounded because of electronics problems and even CR Germany, one of Rennteam's Editor-In-Chief, had to make a bad experience with BMW's innovative Nav System ... it stopped working) ? Right now, my focus would be on Mercedes AMG with the new supercharged E55, a car which will surely outrun even the GT2 on the straight line. No kidding, it weights around 200 kg less than the SL55 and uses the same engine.

    Re: Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    This sounds very interesting RC but I personally have had the worst experience with 3 Mercedes that I have owned 2 ML models and a CLK 430 and they all have had their share of problems and I mean not only one thing going wrong but many things many times. Mind you though that I never test drove or owned a AMG car. What you are saying RC, is very intersting though where can we find some more info on AMG cars.

    Re: Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    Very cool cars! I am looking forward to the rumored Z5 coupe, 2400lbs & 4 cylinder engine... if there is any truth to this BMW has the right idea .

    Re: Hey guys is this worth waiting for?

    As far as handling,grip and feel are concerned I think BMW is clearly superior to Mercedes (and Audi), take the M5 and the E55 AMG for example: one feels fun and agile, almost nimble, the other just isn't in the same league, handling less sharply and with a lot less feel.
    Personally I am very excited about the new M5 with the 500 hp V10.

    P.S. Still none of them are sport cars! ;)



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