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    PS: Who banned John SF pics in page 2

    I did ! Since no one else posted REAL pics !!!

    Re: PS: Who banned John SF pics in page 2

    but the one also left is real isnt it?

    Re: All right, enough!

    Ok Ok Ok... It looks like I will need to take a recent picture of me in order to show the real me and my lover... You all will have to give me some time now lol...

    Re: All right, enough!

    wait you didnt mention anything about a lover!!!!

    did you??

    No you didnt!

    Re: All right, enough!

    It's real but just doesn't show my face.....

    Re: All right, enough!

    Why Dilinger? You wish to be one? lol

    Re: All right, enough!

    Well i only need a Jet to visit you ofter! And when we break-up i ll try to put that engine in my 997!

    Then we'll see what the TURBO owners will have to say

    Re: All right, enough!

    Oh and John... I have the greatest respect for you... You are a very great looking guy and was the only one here to actually post your real picture. I am sorry you felt you had to ban it...

    Three Cheers for John SF!!!

    Re: All right, enough!

    Tsk Tsk Dilinger... already discussing a break-up before it has even begun? Hmmmm...

    HA ! She loves me and hates you guys !!!

    I look better in a helmet anyway !!!

    Re: HA ! She loves me and hates you guys !!!

    got to be realistic!!! Thats life all beautiful things got to expire dont they???

    God is just so unfair!!!

    To beggin with he placed YOU in the other side of earth just to torture me !~!

    Re: HA ! She loves me and hates you guys !!!


    Re: All right, enough!

    Topless9114S said:
    Ok Ok Ok... It looks like I will need to take a recent picture of me in order to show the real me and my lover... You all will have to give me some time now lol...

    Jenna, this really hurts, you have no idea how much of myself I have put in those pictures. And for what?
    To hear that you have a lover???

    I really felt there was something going on between us, you just threw the best thing that ever happened to you away, I hope you're happy now!

    Bye everyone, I'm off, pleasing girls who have feelings!!!

    (P.s.: Love this thread, now we all get to know eachother from another side)
    (P.s.s.: maybe we should really consider a thread with our real pictures, that way we get to know the person behind the posts. (for example:don't we all want to know what Dillinger looks like? )

    Re: All right, enough!

    gnil said:
    The others might be handsome, have nice cars, money and offer you beautifull vacations....
    but I have all it realy needs to make a woman happy :
    mussels and brains!!!

    ... and the ability to spell.
    I, on the other hand, don't have muscles, but I do have a sardonic sense of humour

    Re: All right, enough!

    The only true lover for me, that will be there when I want, push the limits when I want, ride fast or slow when I want, be loyal and faithful to me no matter what, and be my very best friend is..... Guess?

    Re: All right, enough!

    You're pushing it Jenna, now you seem to good to be true!!!

    Your best friend has 4 wheels and has the engine way in the back......

    Re: All right, enough!

    Hey another question for you guys... how many of you are single? And how many are married?

    Re: All right, enough!

    Single and lovin' it!

    (don't get the wrong impression of us, this happens when you put one girl (with a Porsche) between 100 men )

    Re: All right, enough!

    Lol... You got it Porker... There is only one thing that could heighten or complement that rush...

    Wow... gives me shivers just thinking of it...


    Re: All right, enough!

    well i m single for a beginning!!!!!

    i really am!!

    Re: All right, enough!

    Jenna, Don't post your pic because I think the picture you have just created in our heads is good as any Jpeg.

    Re: All right, enough!

    I just broke up because of you Jenna! Please take me.... I'll wash your car every day!

    You have had it all along....

    Only one thing brought me to this forum... and that is the work of art sitting in my garage with it's blanket over it, sleeping silently until I make that purr into a roar...

    And guys? You have had my pic all along... It is sitting right there on my avatar... that is me, through and through.

    The bonus to this forum besides my Porsche? Is the incredible bond we all have in our cars... as for the rest? Who knows what will happen next? It will be interesting to see how this thread develops... I vote for it to be our fun thread... to share in laughter, jokes, pictures, and good times...

    What fun is the seriousness of our hot machines if we don't add fun, love, laughter, and hmmmmm... maybe mmmmm?

    How about it guys? I think we just all made great new friends

    Oh yeahhhhhh.... let's give it some spice

    And remember... fantasies are made to come true... and in this crowd, I believe every one of us are believers that dreams actually can, and do, come true....

    Re: You have had it all along....

    wow!!!! i was stunned!!!!!

    Jenna is really a piece of Gold guys!! trust me

    Re: You have had it all along....

    I got married for the first time last year, at age 36, so it's not like you didn't have PLENTY OF TIME to find me!! Then took me 36 friggin years to find myself...... I'm the handsome guy on the right...

    Re: You have had it all along....

    O.K., here's a better picture....

    Re: You have had it all along....

    LOL.. Tell me bossnine... you still looking for the Holy Grail? And what is that expression on your face? Did someone put a scratch on your 997?

    Re: You have had it all along....

    Now Dilinger.. where were we? Hot Greece?

    And wow... nice compliments too...

    Re: You have had it all along....

    well you know in sometime in your life you must visit Greece!

    And then ,i m you man!

    Re: You have had it all along....

    Topless9114S said:
    LOL.. Tell me bossnine... you still looking for the Holy Grail? And what is that expression on your face? Did someone put a scratch on your 997?

    No, my dealer took that photo of me as I was writing the check for my 997S.

    I found the holy grail, it looks absolutely smashing, and I can pour three 12-ounce beers into it at a time, which really cuts down on the frequency of getting up out of my lawn chair in the garage to get a refill from my garage fridge... Jesus really knew what he was doing when he commissioned that sucker. My current quest is for the Holy Coozy, and it's been fraught with peril....



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