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    996 GT2 ownership?

    Could someone kindly provide me with some insights on owning a GT2? Any inconveniences or any scary moments (due to lack of PSM)? Could you please tell me the moment you love the car or the moment you wish you have chosen a different model? If possible, maybe a comparison to owning an F360 or 996 Turbo would be great.

    Luigi, I know you can help me with this one

    Thank you.

    Re: 996 GT2 ownership?

    I'll try to make a little comparison to the 996 Turbo:
    the GT2 feels lighter, the clutch works harder (no wonder, it has no hydraulic support) and the gearbox is driver heaven, shifting is much more of a pleasure compared to the Turbo because of a shorter gearing way and a more stiff and precise shifting feeling. Almost like on a real race car.
    The steering feels almost the same as on the Turbo but steering-in seems to be more precise with a narrower margined feeling at higher speeds and the typical "nervous" feeling of race cars.
    The brakes didn't impress me, the GT2 I testdrove had the PCCB. Not worse that the 996 Turbo brake but I can't see any improvement over the 996 Turbo brake and it doesn't seem to justify the higher price for PCCB.
    The suspension on the GT2 feels stiff but not too stiff. Compared to the 996 Turbo, the GT2 is more difficult to drive fast because of the missing 4WD and PSM. The limited slip differential on the GT2 works pretty well but it doesn't save you from excessive cornering speeds or other driving mistakes. A pro driver will be always faster in a GT2 but a semi-pro or just "standard" Turbo driver will never be in a GT2 as fast as in a Turbo because the GT2 comes pretty fast with the rear part if you're not careful. From the factory, the GT2 has a mild understeer setup but most GT2 owners adjust the suspension setup to their needs and sometimes to their disadvantage. Porsche doesn't sell the GT2 with a "moderate" suspension setup without a reason: to protect medium talented drivers from themselves.
    The only thing I really don't like about the GT2 is it's price tag and maybe it's weight.
    The brake is another story, it isn't really bad, it actually is a pretty perfoming brake but I don't see any PCCB advantage, thus not justifiying the price tag of PCCB.
    Last but not least the question if the GT2 is the perfect track car: from my opinion, it is not. You have to do a lot of mods and the brake isn't quite track proof as many GT2 owners reported. But compared to other sportscars, the GT2 has at least the racing genes and with some mods and a good setup, the GT2 can be the right track car.
    If you want a GT2 mainly for street driving, I don't know if I could recommend it without hesitation. The 4WD and PSM of the Turbo are pretty nice features to have for everyday driving and more power on the Turbo is an easy (but not cheap) job.
    Another thing: if you want to upgrade the power on a GT2, it is easily possible but the missing 4WD/PSM make it much harder to drive a tuned GT2.
    I hope I could help a bit and I'm sure that Luigi can give you a better description of GT2 driving.

    Re: 996 GT2 ownership?

    Sorry for taking so much time to post a reply Jean, sometimes you also have to drive these cars!
    First off Jean you have to think that one of the most neglected but obvious advantages of this car is that it's suspension and therefore it's handling can be modified by a fair amount.I had the car stock for something like 7000 Km and then went for a more aggressive set up which I don't recommend to everybody.
    With the stock setup the car was very balanced but understeered quite a bit, so in order to be efferctive you really had to enter a corner with the front loaded, which opens up the possibility for oversteer before the apex, although this wasn't really a problem because the lim. slip diff. has a very high rate on a trailing throttle (something like 60 % if I remember correctly) and is very effective.After giving -2.5 front and -1.9 back of camber and putting the swaybars to the highest setting on the back and to hole 4 on the front and lowering the car 1/2 inch I head a car that now really wanted to dive for the apex and was very stable with some oversteer dialed in.This was more effective but made the car very nervous, I recommend it only for expirienced drivers.
    All in all the GT2 is extremely quick (substantially more than a stock TT) but it really surprised me how civilised it is!It's pretty stiffly sprung, but it's not at all uncomfortable,it's not loud (with stock exhaust, mine is a bit different, as my neighbours and half the city knows )
    The controls are alot more direct and heavy than the TT (the gearchange is wonderful, very precise and racy) but it's by no means a track car for the road like the previous model.
    Actually to make it really effective on track you need to change the susp. set up as I mentioned and change some components in the brakes.
    The lack of PSM calls for real concentration in the rain, but if you are a good driver you won't have problems in the dry, the tyres and diff. rarely let the car go too abruptly.
    One thing about the Pirelli tyres on the GT2, the compound is like that of a semi slick tyre, so you really need to warm up the tyres otherwise they have almost no grip, this is a major problem during winter when I found myself in a couple of interesting situations...
    I hope this helps and if you have more specific questions don't hesitate.

    Re: 996 GT2 ownership?

    Luigi your exhaust fit also the Turbo or only the GT2???

    Which sport exhaust is??who made it????


    Re: 996 GT2 ownership?

    It's Cargraphic Super sound version, manufactured by Phoenix.
    It fits both TT and GT2 but should be a little less noisy on a TT.




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