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    Am I the only one who thinks

    The 997 Stock Cabrio or Coupé are much more classy than the overdesign 997 GT3 and Turbo???? These models have to much busy lines compared to the more elegant and charming 997 stock lines.

    Yesterday I saw a 997 Carrera Cab. 4S on the highway, and GOSH...this must be one of the most modern beautiful cars out there, simply amazing fluid and powerful lines, without any pimp rear wings and big front spoilers, just a meaning wide...vey wide look.

    I know those pimp wings and nasty spoilers are there for handling proposals, but Ferrari also goes to 300Kph without the need of such pieces, and they look very sporty and classy.

    Tell me your opionion.


    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    No J. I feel with you. Overdesigned is the word.
    I love the 911 because of it's fluent lines... that is what I like about the murcielag eg too... it looks like it is drawn on the sketchboard with one or two lines... the rest is history. Now the 996 GT3 (mk1) was an exception... it needed a huge wing, but it was made fluent, coherent with the design lines of the car itself... nowm these 997tt and GT3... I think porsche suffers from the fast & furious disease... an ugly wing (997gt3) weird foglights (tt) too many slats in the front spoiler (gtr) exhausts integrated in rear bumper in an ugly way (tt) etc etc... those are points that make no sense with the "original" porsche design philosophy... I don't know... I think I am going to start saving for a 996tt or 997S or so... instead of saving for a 997tt. I don't know... I just hate it when I have to say: "it is an ugly car, but look at the performance!" D*mn, makes me feel like I am talking about the cayenne!

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    You're not the only one. I agree absolutely. If I could order up a Turbo, in C4S guise, with something other than gaping holes chopped into my quarter flares for intakes, I'd be all over it.

    Or shoot, just give me a GT3 minus the goofy-a$$ spoiler on the deck, and I'd be a happy camper...

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    I have to agree about the 997 Carrera being perhaps the most elegant and beautiful modern Porsche. However, that's not to say that I don't like other 911s

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    No, exactly what I'm thinking. 997 - although resembling the lines of the old 993 - is simply beautiful. 997tt and GT3 aren't.

    While overdesigned elements somehow do it for me at the GT3, as this is the sports model which can show some kind of aggressivity, I think Porsche missed it at the new turbo.

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    I completely agree too. I like a neat, elegant design over the overly muscular TT or GT3 with too many scoops, design flourishes etc But what really kills me is the rear wing whether it's on the GT3, TT (although this one is not as bad) and the godawful, park bench-like rear wing on the aerokit.

    Performance in those cases comes IMO at the expense of good taste.

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    Given enough time, even Porsche can make their cars look like rice-burners. The basic car is a beautiful automobile. But, hey, let the speed freaks have their toys!


    No you're not

    I agree. I think the older 911's are even more beautiful. Last year I was very fortunate to be invited by a collector to drive some of his vintage 911's. What a joy! What simplicity! The shape was even more beautiful then, the driving experience purer, and the sense of excitement higher, while driving at sane speeds. A 1973 911S is close to being as good as it gets. The RS 2.7 was even more amazingly pure. It makes me wonder whether we wouldn't be happier driving a 911 that was more like the early versions - sort of 911 meets Lotus Elise.

    Re: No you're not

    stock 911 in either iteration has always been THE classic.
    understated and great looking. gt3s look like track cars and thats their reason for existing and turbo looks like the über911 its supposed to be.

    Re: No you're not

    AGREED 100% kind of magnetizes the eye..

    the simpler the better

    i certaintly adoe that wide ass wihtou wing and with the car's tail going down while at the same time wide...

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    No arguement there! IMHO the the 997S is the prettiest 911 ever. Everything is right, the width, the height, the front, back, side, interior.

    Re: No you're not

    I think they cant figure out those darn wings. It looks so out of place. BUT, I wouldn't decline one if I was given one.

    Re: No you're not

    I can sometimes be impressed by "kitted" cars on the 'net............then walk out to the garage & get surprised at how stunning my C2"S" looks (GT silver, XRRs, -20mm, PSE)

    The only body feature I've seen that subtley "enhances" such a pure & powerful design is the Techart type of treatment between exhausts (rear skirt/diffusor) visually "lightens" that lower centre section

    Sometimes we forget that the 911 is actually a small car and "less is more" !

    Re: No you're not

    wedon't forget, Porsche A.G. does!
    The 996tt was such a beautiful car... so stylish, so elegantly designed, yet so powerfull and agrressively looking. I hope there are some porsche employees high up reading this, as RC sometimes claims. Let them see how we feel.

    Re: No you're not

    I like the looks of the new TT. I also really like the new GT3. However, I agree that the other Porsche models have a more classy/clean/ beautiful look.

    FWIW,IMO,looks wise( scale of 1-10): 997/997 4= 9.97
    GT3= 9.70
    TT= 8.70

    Re: No you're not

    I could not agree more. In another post I am asking for opinion on C2S vs C4S and several people are suggesting the Turbo, and although could be argue that price in the car Im planning to spec is very close, I just don't care, the Turbo is not the car I want.

    Taste is a subjective matter and so I can only give my personal opinion but when I was a kid I really wanted to have a Batmobile but not anylonger. The Turbo has too many contradicitions in the design. Those rounded lights just don't fit the rest of the car. IMO 996 TT was much better design, I think a 997TT with Cayman lights would have looked better. The side intakes looks weird, the wing? well, is it really necessary? And the fog lights....

    Anyways, just an opinion. Those getting a TT, enjoy it!

    I think that the 997 is a beautiful looking car, classy and sporty, timeless.

    Make the stupid things detachable and optional

    In the non-autobahn USA, wings are only functional on a track.

    Therefore Porsche should make them optional on USA imports and, like rooftop carrier, have them bolt on and unbolt off. IOW, you attach your wing when you go to the track.

    As matter of fact, the detachable optional wings should probably be much larger and less "pretty" anyway for effective track use.

    BTW, keep the retractible spoiler since it DOES add a reasonable amount of stability (and cooling) to the car at US highway speeds.

    Re: Make the stupid things detachable and optional

    My motto: LESS is MORE

    But i also don't dislike the two big brothers

    Re: No you're not

    I am on the fence. I think the new GT3 is really stunning looking from the front. If only that rear spoiler... But does that really matter on the track (where it belongs)? I don't think so.

    As regards the turbo, I think it represents what it should, a certain aggressiveness. Except for the new rims, which I am not able to get over with, no matter how hard I try. They are just too much BMWish to me. And that's not exactly a compliment.

    At the end of the day, each beauty (i.e. the 997(S)), needs big, mean and strong looking brothers. The beauty for me, pls.

    Re: No you're not

    Agreed, although I must admit that I like the rear of the GT3, minus the wing.

    Re: No you're not

    What's up with the Boxster exhaust on the GT3? That and the gap between the hood and front bumper are the only things I don't like. This may sound ridiculous but the center exhaust would keep me from buying the 9977GT3. That exhaust is like the mistake they made with the 996 headlights. I could live with the wing on the GT3 if I had to.

    Re: No you're not

    i quite like the center exhaust. don't really like the rear wing + think the front internal spoiler (i.e. the one just in front of the hood) should be painted in color of the car.

    Re: No you're not

    it is sooooo interesting to see that most on the forum do agree with a 'clean' look!

    Re: No you're not

    prob a different consensus on the turbo board.

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    I totall agree with the clean look of a base carrera!

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    Can't beat the simple lines of a Carrera.

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    I disagree to some extent, while I loved the 993 most, the 964 was great also really, the 997 is superb. In turbo guise, I LOVE it, I think it has the aggression that the top model needs that only the GT2 had in the last lineup. its perfect imo.

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    what could possibly happen if we remove the rear wing from the gt3?

    Re: Am I the only one who thinks

    I love simple carrera, but also can't live with out the GT3. it has its own style . I would buy a 997 3.6 don't care bout engine just it's special style and for daily use . but ill have to get the GT3.
    by the way, 912 has to be in my garage too.

    Re: No you're not

    what is thew AS designation you got on your ordered car SVNSVN???



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