UK Brochure below:

First Porsche marketing make the claim highlighted below:

What utter drivel....."Time and again" WTF are they talking about, this new DFi turbo engine has never had anything more squeezed out of it !!!

Next Porsche heavily attempt to compare the consumer engined turboS to the GT2 in the brochure below...... means they can charge the higher prices and make the bigger profits courtesy of the cheapo consumer grade engine....

What is interesting is the GT2 comparison continues until the data comparison box when all of a sudden the 996ttS is used for comparison, presumably because the GT2s faster 100-200kph time  (7.3s vs 7.5s even without the massive benefit of PDK) and 8mph higher top speed do not work very well with the rest of the story....... why can't the ttS make use of its 0.59CdA compared to GT2s 0.66CdA  and use its GT2 humbling performance to blast past the GT2s top speed ?

After these claims by Porsche just how much faster than the factory claim 0-300kph in 33s (for the GT2) is the aerodynamically more efficient ttS going to be ? 30s ????? Porsche are getting sloppy - I don't like it Smiley



2009 997 GT2 659PS/827NM DIN