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    Monaco, June 1st-might be worth a trip

    Check this in the NEWS section:

    Monaco-Formula One Weekend-Carrera GT


    Believe it or not,
    but I missed the CGT!!!
    Slept through!
    This is what happens when you party until dawn the day before!!!
    There was strangely though, a Gallardo on display at the Jimmy's night club! Tried several times to break into it, until I finally collapsed and kinda fell asleep on the bonnet! Really nice car by the way
    What a week end though!
    We had three baconies on the starting grid!
    The F1 noise is just divine!!! Fantastic, nothing like what you hear on TV! This was my fourth time there, and it's still amazing! You are so close to the circuit!
    Shame about Schumi slowed down by Trulli, but it's his fault really, he just had to do a better time at qualifying.
    The amount of nice cars I saw is just phenomenal! Gets better every year.
    You name it, I saw it! (didn't alwats have my camera though )
    Most impressive of all was the Mercedes CLK GTR Roadster! So low, so long, so mean, so Le Mans IT was parked behing a RR Phantom, nice contrast!
    Missed the Enzo, although I heard there were two of them lapping the circuit once they oppen it around 7pm. No Zonda either, that was 2 years ago
    Plenty of 360 of course! Did my traditionnal walk of the track and we were greated by a Tubistyled spider in the tunnel, splendid!
    Vanquish, Murci, 575, Turbos, 5 new GT3s!!! BTW, it looks great in black Taz
    So many nice cars, it's really surreal!
    You all know I'm a big fan of car noises, Tubied 360s are great but the winner just has to be (and I'm afraid it's not road legal ) The Mercedes CLK-AMG Pace car.
    Christian, you have to get that exhaust, it is so so so loud!!! and beautiful!
    Dutch Spiker sounds great too!
    Back at home tonight, I'l post some pics on the forum and the rest of my mac homepage.
    PS: Admin, if you feel this post belongs to Sports car board, feel free to move it! Thanks.

    Re: Monaco!!!

    no pics of the gt3's (or any other of the cars mentioned, of course ) ??

    Re: Monaco!!!

    Well, unfortunately, didn't get the GT3s, they were three of them parked behind one another, right next to the Rascasse Bar on friday, black, grey and yellow, my fav was the black.
    But I'll post the rest tonight. I've got the CLK-GTR roadster, which is by far the most impressive, probably because it's so rare, and a few others, Gallardo, 300SL roadster, the one just after the Gullwing, possibly the most beautiful Merc IMO, Bugatti EB110, etc etc etc.
    Tonight, promised. I should have taken much more, sorry in advance.

    Re: Monaco!!!

    Wow Fanch, sounds like you had a great time! The CLK-GTR roadster is extremely rare, I'm very surprised that you saw one in person. There are only 5 total! An unforgettable sight indeed.

    If you have 1,500,000 Euro laying around you can buy this one:

    Wow Fanch, sounds like you had a great time! The CLK-GTR roadster is extremely rare, I'm very surprised that you saw one in person. There are only 5 total! An unforgettable sight indeed.

    If you have 990,000 Euro laying around you can buy this one:




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