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    RC, great to find you here!!!

    I am so glad to see RC back online. I know you will make this forum so much better than ...., I know you know who I'm talking about. Count on our support, we've already added a link to your site at Porsche Stage.

    Good luck, our Porsche expert is back!

    Good to see you Blaise, I luv this site

    Much better than you know what.....I was kicked out too don't feel bad.

    I was kicked off as well LOL

    You can't speak your mind without them banning you from their stupid board. SRS Steve Shive is immature. DJ called Pete Fagerlin a homosexual. Both are deputies and I posted saying they should lose deputy status. Steve sent me a nasty email and banned me from the board. He's a very little person. The only difference between Steve and Darren, Steve knows how to spell. They have been deleting a lot of posts and have a lot of people mad. I guess, you give CFG some cash, and he lets them make the rules as they go. Darren also challenged Pete to a fight. Like I told Steve before, too bad money can't buy class.

    Not exactly ...

    It is not that Darren called Pete a homosexual. There is nothing inherantly wrong with being gay. What he did was to compare him to a "little homo". This was worse. The implication is that homosexuals are something less than non-homosexuals. Outragious!

    Anyway, this is way off topic and certainly not a complaint relevant to RennTeam. But hopefully it will help make this board more successful.



    Craig, I understand your anger but please don't bring this dispute over to our site.
    Breathe deeply, do it again and enjoy being here. is a private site too but we have certain rules which are actually the general rules of a civilized communication. There is no "boss" on
    Every User is welcomed as long as me and CR, the Editors-In-Chief, and the other Users treat each other with respect. And I don't have any doubt that this is happening right now on
    We're all adults and should behave like adults.
    Enough said, enjoy our site.

    Re: RC, great to find you here!!!

    Welcome Blaise, good to see you here too.
    Got your news by mail, we're so happy for you and Agnes.

    We added a link to Hobbystage too, thanks a lot.

    BTW: I'm no Porsche expert, just a maniac as somebody called me. And CR is a maniac too and the worst thing is: he not only owns a Porsche but also a Ferrari. A double maniac.

    Re: I was kicked off as well LOL

    it was my understanding you were kicked out for posting the aforementioned nasty email(s) on the board, among other things? Oh well, forget about it and get back to the business of fun!

    Another coming from the other board...

    I recently had several unpleasant run- ins with the deputies over there. Happy to be here.

    Re: I was kicked off as well LOL

    what is the other board?


    Alternatives are a good....I missed RC's wisdom!

    But maturity and keeping on topic is the bottom line. Thanks to all admin folks and posters for the free exchange of valuable Porsche info...

    Re: Alternatives are a good....I missed RC's wisdom!

    Hi Gary! Nice to meet you here too.

    You'd be surprise to learn, that since started, we didn't have to delete/edit one single post!
    It seems that is used by very mature, highly interested and well educated people and I'm really proud of our members.

    Some passionate posts might be missing right now but we're not even 4 months old and it takes some time.



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