The GREATEST sport car race in world is quickly approaching.

I guess the ACO has made pit road longer and forced the point where you join the track further up the hill. I guess a lot of the teams/drivers are concerned it was an unsafe move and want something to be done about it. We'll see.

I think the battle in GT1 will be another epic one, like last year. The factory C6Rs and DBR9s will scrap back and forth all night. However, I think the dark horses might be the two privateers of #69 DBR9 and that #72 C5-R. Personally don't feel the Saleen S7R will hold together past 12hrs without needing some time consuming repairs, however I hope that I'm wrong. Many feel that Lambo in GT1 might just be the first car overall to retire.

As for LMP1, unless some of the teams were just gathering data and taking it easy, the battle is going to be between the R10s (diesal) and the Pescaloros.

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