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    Winding Road also reviews the 997TT Cabrio

    Check the October Issue of Winding Road online. A review by Matt Davis. I was flabbergasted noticing that the tip version tops the scales at a whopping 3724lbs! Whoa!!! That baby is grossly overweight. It does not surprise me though, as PAG is clearly listening to forums like this where people agonize over senseless carbon/wood/aluminum/Bose and other mass adding crap.

    Re: Winding Road also reviews the 997TT Cabrio

    Car cos. need to earn profits to survive....not many hard-core, wealthy car guys anywhere in world....even F struggles to sell FXX....

    So any car co. needs to engineer cars to optimize perf/safety/comfort/utility/daily-useability/cost/pricing/wt vs suboptimal public roads and typical amateur drivers....

    That said, really need to drive latest-tech cars like 4000lb 599 or 4600lb CL63 vs 3200lb 997S Coupe (or 3600lb 997TT Coupe) on your favorite set of twisties.....and draw own conclusions re: trade-offs of precision/chassis damping/safety, etc vs wt, esp in a world where there are sometimes oncoming cars/SUVs not in own lane in tight mtn twisties....

    Agree w/you....hate sunroofs/back seats/stereos, etc (but must have high-powered air cond; safety demands windows be closed for better airbag effectiveness...and for driver to be alert/comfortable for maximal active safety )....and would be happy to drive a Scud/GT3RS as my only car if it had acceptable levels of active/passive safety.....but, in my judgment (there is no useable hard data; need to form own common-sense judgment), their safety is unacceptable for my use for public roads, except in moments when my risk/reward judgment is compromised....

    Re: Winding Road also reviews the 997TT Cabrio

    I agree with you that safety is paramount. I am starting to agree with you that sports cars' suspensions must deal with real life road surfaces, i.e., less than billiard-like smooth. To note that the 599 uses magneto-rheological dampers licensed from GM/Delphi - the same exact parts available on the Corvette C6. From this perspective the current Carrera line (PASM) does not do a good enough job of cushioning major defects such as ridges and expansion joints, especially in the tire warm-up phase.

    No I have not driven a 599 but I can imagine that its sheer power and superb grip may mask weight at the 4000lb level.



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