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    engine swap?

    hello all, I can see you have a fantastic board here!

    I own a 1997 boxster, and want to upgrade the engine.

    Each year, I have test driven the new models, and found that (to the best of my ability to measure) the improvement has been unworthy of my re-investment (ok, I'm a tight-wad). I am sure this is partly related to weight - my 1997 is very basic (all I care to have), and is pretty light.

    I love my Boxster, and have serviced it well, and had no major problems at all. Does anyone out there know if the either of the newer 987 engines will fit?? 911 engines? 986S engine?

    I did search for this in the history, and found no results...

    Thanks a lot.

    Re: engine swap?

    I'm afraid I dont know too much on the techy side, but I have heard that with a bit of fiddling the 3.4 911 (996) will fit in.
    RUF offer this swap I think. Check em out.

    Re: engine swap?

    If you own a 1997 Boxster, do yourself a big favor, GET RID of it and get a new one.
    There isn't only a difference regarding the engine power but also handling, steering, I could name a few dozends of reasons more. Considering the cost of a new 987/987S engine and adaptation cost, etc., you're better off with a new or slightly used car.

    Re: engine swap?

    Thanks. I'll burn it this afternoon.

    I know you know what your talking about, and I really appreciate your help, but I'm not so sure... Isn't the 1997 model a lot lighter? Like I said, I've tested newer boxsters a number of times - including the present S, and hvnt really been tempted to make the jump. I read some stuff in the last day or two that says a 3.4 or even 3.6 911 engine should fit, and the that the result will really cook.

    Can you please elaborate on the differences in hadling? I'll pay closer attention as I drive a 987S and see if I catch your point. Also - if I bought an older model, which one would you recommend???

    Re: engine swap?

    986 lighter than 987: A 986 is only about 20kg lighter isn't it? The 987 has quite a bit of aluminium/magnesium in it (boot lids, roof) to try to compensate for the weight gain a bit. How much extra weight would a 3.4L engine add? What engine have you currently got? You could always ditch the Boxster and get a Lotus Elise instead...?

    Re: engine swap?

    Considering you can get a '97 for US$22k you can do a lot of upgradeS w/o spending 987 cash. However if you upgrade, you'd get the safety features and you wouldn't have to put up with those god aweful fried eye headlights.

    Go 987 dewd!

    Re: engine swap?

    Dont put a new 987 engine - or any other engine - in an 8 year old car.
    Consider the resell hassle and the mechanical troubles that always follow an engine swap.
    Just sell the 986 and get a newer 986S or make the jump to the 987.

    Re: engine swap?

    Again, thanks. I realize you are all right. The cost would approach a new unit anyway. I was having trouble getting over the fact that I had to spend a lot of cash and footwork when I bought that baby in 97. And she has been really good to me over the years. And just for the record, the weight difference between the 1997 and the final 986 is about 200 pounds - mine weighs around 2700 lbs. I know that's not all there is to it, but 200 lbs. does take some of the wind out of your sails. Plus, I leave the spare at home, drive with a quarter tank, and fill the tire with helium. The spare at home is also filled with helium...

    I did like the 987 headlights (in photos), but the more I look at them (on the road) the more they start to look MR2ish - the headlamps AND the side intake. Love the "sort of turbo-look" bumper, though. No offense, but I like the 99 986S the best. I think 2001 was the last year for that front bumper. Never really warmed up to the 2002 front.

    But again, I think you guys are all correct, financially.

    I would like to hear more about the handling differnces. I will test drive a 987S again...

    Or, may be I should wait for that Cayman - any chance of a Cayman Cab?

    Oh, on that Cayman - one world of advise for Porche: when you start molding those plastic "Cayman" badges for the rear end - please, please, please make sure that capital "C" does not look at all like a "G". No particular reason: just a thought.

    Re: engine swap?

    The PCA website just had (within the last 2 weeks) a tech note on these engine swaps. Several have been done. My recollection is that you will be pretty much limited to a 3.4L. because the 3.6 and later have the e-gas throttle which makes the swap much more expensive. The note suggests that there are other resourses available. I would start there. Do the research. It has always intrigued me. A 2.5 upgraded to a 3.4 might just be a monster.



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