Hello everybody,

like you see i'm new here and i wanted to say it's really nice here .
My actual problem, is that my gt3 got the gt3 cup filter (bmc) in it (ordered from porsche motorsport weissach) for almost a year now, and it was great, at least my gt3 had that great sound it should have from stock, but it doesn't . And today i've been to tüv check and they told me my co and lambda emissions are to high!?:(

So what i had to do is change back to stock filter to pass the tüv.

- Now i wanted to know if someone knows if this could be driven with the cup filter with the normal emissions??

- And if i lost power or if do damage to the engine with that cup filter?
at the porsche dealer they told me that the car ran on safety mode because of the cup filter?????? can it be avoided or something like that or use the cup luftmassenmesser or sth like that?

what do you think any experiences? thanks in advance

....PS: i just can suggest that cup filter because of the engine sounds at 6000rpm!!!