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    GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack

    As I have a GT3 on order, I'm a bit concerned that the car apparently not only comes without a spare tire, it also lacks a jack. With tires that are not "run flats" it would appear that the first recourse in the event of a puncture is to use the can of "fix a flat" along with air compressor that is provided.

    Although I'm not anymore pessimistic that the next guy, I have had 3 flats on my '97 C4S over the last 7 years. In each case, the tire was damaged beyond the point that "fix a flat' would have worked. It was only through the use of the spare that I was able to make it home or to a safe place.

    Does anyone know if a 996 spare and jack can be fitted to the trunk of a GT3? I believe that the GT3 may have a different trunk liner than a typical 996, but it is built using the 993 C4 body shell. Would it be necessary to fit a C4 trunk liner?

    Any ideas are welcome.

    Re: GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack

    The trunk configuration of the GT3 is the same as the C4's. As such, one might be able to retrofit the C4's inflatable spare tire, jack and tools.

    Re: GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack

    I have run a GT3 for the past 3 years and in that time have not had a flat so can't comment on the lack of spare/jack or the merits of the repair and inflate kit.

    One problem you may face is that as the car is MUCH lower than standard the jack might not be able to get under the car.

    The other point to bear in mind is where do you put the punctured wheel when you take it off 'coz it wont fit under the hood!!



    Re: GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack


    My previous experience with a 993 C4S was that there was room in either the front seat or behind the seat for a deflated rear wheel and tire. Now if you're carrying a passenger and or luggage, you've got a tough decision to make.

    Ever thought where or how quickly you'll be able to locate a replacement tire for a GT3?

    If I'd never had a puncture, I'd probably not be worrying about these things. But with 3 in 7 years, and as wide as the tires are, they tend to "pick things up".


    Fred R.

    Re: GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack

    You're buying a racing car. Why the concern about a spare and jack that are only going to add weight and diminish performance? A C2 Coupe with the GT3 Aerokit and different springs would give you the look if that is all you're interested in, and it would also give you a back seat the option for Bose Audio and ..oh yeah a spare AND a jack. Look at the positives of having such an awesome car instead of complaining about something that 1) you can't change and 2) may never be an experienced problem.

    Re: GT3 - 996 Spare Tire and Jack

    Even a racing car has to get to and from the track. As for extra weight, you can always remove it before entering the track. The point I'm trying to make is that in day to day driving, punctures do happen. Murphy's law states that the worst things will usually occur in the worst place at the worst time. Standing beside the road with nothing but a cell phone in your hand may not get you on your way very soon. After the tow truck drops you off, who are you going to call for a replacement tire? Do you even know a company that stocks these tires? Can you afford a cab ride from wherever you happen to be (could be hundreds of miles) to your home?

    If this is a car that will be hauled on / in a trailer to and from the track, it's not an issue.

    If you think you'll never have a flat, you've been driving far less than my 40 years.

    Just trying to be prepared for the flat that is inevitable.



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