These are a few good recent videos from Its a very slow server so best to use download program like getright or something and just leave it trying to connect and resuming by itself and be patient. I added the direct links for quickness.
A review of the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. I'm impressed, and I'm not a fan of the design but it looks better in video than in the pics.
Little overview of the most beautiful, sportish and stylish "4-door" in the market. If Porsche builds a 4-door I hope the follow Masearti's philosophy, a 4-door coupe that sounds like a sportcar. Not to great quality of video but the soundtrack makes up for it,none other than Turandot's Nessum Dorma
A review of the beautiful and prestigious 550 spyders... need I say more
Vicky from Top Gear compares the amazing Radical SR3 and the Atom around a track. Can't think of anything sexier than a girl heel-toeing and drifting in a Radical
Interesting comparo of roll-on race b/w 800HP Viper and a stock busa, two differntly modded ones and a modded ZX-12R. Unbelievable the 240HP Suzuki Hiyabusa
Short little preview of the C6 vette... looks worse on video than on pics.
Jeremy compares the EVO VIII, Impreza Sti and Audi S4 at their airfield. Entertaining but full of empty words and cheap metaphores as usual.