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    Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    Here are the results.

    0-100 kph in 5.5 sec.
    0-200 kph in 20.2 sec.
    Hockenheim Kleiner Kurs: 1 min. 20,3 sec.

    The new Audi S4:
    0-100 kph in 5.4 sec.
    0-200 kph in 19.9 sec.
    Hockenheim Kleiner Kurs: 1 min. 18,1 sec.

    Just for the book: the 993 C2 has been tested with 21.3 seconds from 0-200 kph a few years ago.

    More comparison data (Hockenheim Kleiner Kurs):
    Porsche Boxster: 1 min. 19,4 sec.
    Mercedes SL 55 AMG: 1 min. 18,4 sec.
    BMW M5 (E39): 1 min. 18,5 sec.
    Mercedes SLK 32 AMG: 1 min. 18,5 sec.
    Jaguar XKR: 1 min. 20,4 sec.
    Honda S 2000: 1 min. 18,9 sec.
    Audi TT 1.8 Turbo quattro (225 HP): 1 min. 20,4 sec.

    Their final conclusion (in a few short words): no sports car but pretty impressive for it's weight. The X5 4.6is feels a bit sportier though. They also liked the brakes very much.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    That Hockenheim lap time is quite good for the vehicle. I'm changing my mindset about SUV's, that they can be that quick. My American view of SUV's still conjures up images of Hummer H2's and Ford Explorers.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    That Hockenheim lap time is quite good for the vehicle. I'm changing my mindset about SUV's, that they can be that quick. My American view of SUV's still conjures up images of Hummer H2's and Ford Explorers.

    Justin, this is exactly what I don't understand. US SUV manufacturers were worlds ahead a few years ago and now the quality of US SUV products really sucks. Why can't they build modern and attractive SUVs like Porsche, BMW and Mercedes do? I always rent a Lincoln Navigator on my US vacations and I really like this SUV but the quality, espcially the interior, is awful. It is my understanding that US manufacturers already started to improve their SUV products but they lost a lot of ground compared to Porsche and especially BMW and Mercedes. I know, the X5 and ML are actually american products (even if there is a german name on it) but this is not enough. I would have loved to see a Lincoln Navigator with a powerful 400 HP V8 and a first class interior. Not to speak about air suspension and other gimmicks. They can do it but they have to want to build it too. I don't get it: almost every car out there in the US is a SUV, apparently people love these kind of cars. So why not starting to build a powerful, safe SUV with even low fuel consumption (well, at least what can be called "low" on a 2.2 tons monster )? I also don't understand why Diesel engines have no future on SUVs in the US.

    Re: Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    Hummmm, very strange that the Cayenne manage to be faster than a 400Hp M5 or a 500Hp SL 55 AMG, maybe different drivers or different track conditions, no way a SUV can be faster with less power and more weight than the more powered Mercedes.


    Re: Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    OOOPPPPSSSS, sorry, my mistake, I based my opinion thinking that the Cayenne has made 1.18,1s wish was the time performed by the Audi S4. The Cayenne is indeed slower that the M5 and AMG.


    Re: Cayenne Turbo tested by german SPORT AUTO (track too!)

    Good question RC, here is my opinion. It's true, Americans love their SUVs. I can't really tell you why other than they are the more "stylish" option to buying a minivan for many families. The interior of american vehicles, i agree is awful. This is because the same interior parts need to be made to fit in just about every car General Motors (Buick, Cadillac, Chevrolet, GMC, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Saturn, whew!) or Ford (Ford, Lincoln, Mercury) makes, meaning in many cases the different interior parts that go into a Ford Focus may very well also be in a Lincoln Navigator. I think it's hard for these huge companies to specialize in just 1 brand and focus on quality because of their enourmous size.

    The issue of diesel fuel is interesting. The diesel fuel in the United States is not the same diesel fuel in Europe. The quality is very poor in comparison (US diesel has 10x the sulfur than European), and is intended for large diesel truck motors. Fortunatley, the US government has seen the benefit to supporting diesel fuel for the commuter, and there has been a promise to introduce higher quality standards. This is why companies like VW and Mercedes are bringing over more diesel engines. VW with the PD150 motor on many cars out there in Europe, and the kick ass V10 diesel availible on the Touareg.. Mercedes is bringing the E320 CDI (common-rail DI) as a 2004 model. This is going to be great for alot of the European makers because they already have this technology established. I guess we'll just have to wait and see..



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