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    Rally de Paris

    Dear all,
    Just got back and my mind is still full of wonderful memories, it was fantastic!!!
    We all had a great time.
    I have taken plenty of pics, but they are too many, I'll put up a website this week and give you guys the address.
    Among the stars of the week end, they were:
    250 GT Lusso
    250 GT SWB
    plenty of 360s, 575.
    GT3, GT2 (PSI 550ch)
    Lots of really cool old Mini rally speced, Austin Healeys,
    Loads of 2.7 RS!!!
    Well, almost 200 hundred cars!
    It was awesome!!!
    BTW: Best soundtrack IMO, Modena with Tubi, I had never heard one before, and it really is beautiful!!!
    But the car itself underperformed on the track, poor brakes after a few laps, the kings of Magny Cours and Charade were definitly the Porsches!!! and surprinsingly the Lotus Elises!!!
    More reports later...

    Re: Rally de Paris

    Just a few pics!!!

    Re: Rally de Paris


    Re: Rally de Paris

    The classic cars!!!
    More pics to come later,
    BTW, weather was amazing too!!!

    Re: Rally de Paris

    Cool pictures fanch, thanks.

    Re: Rally de Paris

    Coooool...many thanks for sharing Fanch!
    Wait more pictures on Porsches
    BTW, how did you perform on track?
    Don't be surprise over Lotus Elise's preformance on track: they are very fast, believe me! (I was in Rijeka two weeks ago doing a track day and some Elise turned really fast)
    Have a look here: Rijeka 2003: Elise chasing a Turbo...


    Re: Rally de Paris

    Well, I'm a quite a sh... driver to be honest, so I didn't do very well on the track, my friend Dave who was driving the SL (who was a bit of an elephant on the track BTW) did really well in the C4C, better then all the Modenas, which proves that the Modena drivers that day were not v good , the Diablo (Same comment ) and other cars.
    In our category (GT cars), he made it in the top 10, cars like GT2, and GT3s did better of course and also a C4S which did really well actually!!! Very good compromise actually , the Turbo did better of course, although everybody who seriously knew about driving told me that a NA car is much better to learn how to DRIVE on the track than a turbo engine.
    They were unanimous, in the GT category, to learn how to drive properly, the GT3's the best school tool
    The C4C did well though, and I'm very pleased with that, since it's more and more difficult to drive on open roads now and that I LOVED driving on the track, I'll do more of the latter.
    Serisouly considering the new GT3!!!
    Great brakes as well on the 996, no sign of fading and believe me, they were used haevily.
    The Ferraris had poor brakes in comparaison especially the 575MM
    Bu then again, it's not made for the track.
    So overall, it was fantastic, I have about 50 pics, and Dave has even more, will post them on my website this week.
    Take care,

    Re: Rally de Paris

    Ferrari uses the same brakes as Porsche (Brembo). The 575 may have had more trouble braking, since it's a whale at over 4000 lbs...

    Pics are ONLINE!!!

    Go to:

    Oups, sorry...

    The complete address is:

    Cool photo album (NT)


    Great Videos!!!

    Thanks man,
    cool vid!!!
    That was exactly how it happened last week end too!
    The Elises would catch up the Turbo and Diablos on the bends and then the opposite on the straights.
    I didn't know that the Elise was such a great track car!!!
    All it needs is more power!
    I hope the Elise V6 is more than a rumor, that should make a fantastic sports car, don't you think?
    PS: Opel did that with its Speedster, 200hp but with a turbo engine.
    It was tested in this month UK mag EVO against a 360 Spider
    But I'd prefer a NA V6 IMHO.
    BTW, The Eise is the Vid, is it a stock car? Nice soundtrack too!!!

    Re: Cool photo album

    Hey your site is excellent ! And the pics are very good too !
    They show how cool this week-end was...
    We really had a great time. I'll post mine very soon.

    And - hey - this is my first post !

    Thanks Fanch!

    Very nice pictures, Francois. I bet you had a great time.

    Re: More pics from the Rallye de Paris

    You can check this out for some pics...
    A small video is still to come.


    Re: Great Videos!!!

    Hello ervrybody,
    Fanch girl friend back again to tell you that it was a fantastic time... (Yes it's true even for girl !!!). All the cars were amazing and people complitly found of cars... My favourite noise was the Modena Tubi, it's anbelivable... If you have the occasion to bring your girl friend there go for it !!! (but before that, tell her that the only subject will be the CARS )...

    Re: great


    very nice pictures, thank you -- great cars around there, looks like lot's-o-fun! love the green stratos (last pic).

    cheers; zz

    PS. this chrome mac website look really has something-- i used to love apples (i was so proud of my SE back in 1989) but then drifted away into the wintel world but apple is still different somehow, which is good!

    Nice pics Dave!

    Nice photos. Thank you!

    But one thing I cannot figure out is, how come the Porsche C2 and the Mercedes SL500 have license plates that cannot be read yet all of the other cars photographed have plates that can be seen clear as day. Is this a new type of plate that the make in France now??

    The C2 is very nice but I think I'll volunteer to ride in the back of the SL500 next time.


    Re: Nice pics Dave!

    The C4 and the SL are ours cars Stephen and hence for privacy reasons, we don't want to show our license plate, no offense man...
    And trust me, I know these two cars very well and if you're a sports car enthousiast, it's the C4 you wanna drive, not the SL
    Take care,

    C4 and SL

    If you allow me, I'll say that you would probably better prefer the back of the C4 than the back of the SL, because there are only two seats in the Mercedes !

    But these are two great cars to drive, only the C4 has race tracks abilities that the other obviously hasn't

    In the other hand, I could drive a thousand miles in a row in the SL and its roof opened without pain, thanks to the massaging and heating seats !



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