I have a 1996 355 spider with 22,000 miles, red/tan in perfect condition and will be doing the 30M service. I am thinking of upgrading to a 360 spider soon. I asked a F dealer what my car is worth. He said 70 on a trade and retail 75. I assume his retail might be a little low, but not much. It looks like retail should be close to 80. I think these are realistic numbers. I have noticed that some folks on the board think the 355 spiders are worth lot more. I wonder if they are buyers, sellers or owners that want their car to be worth more. What does everybody think? I am not yet ready to sell, but may do so soon. Also a few months ago somebody on this board told me to let him know when I was thinking of selling. I left that info in Sun Valley, Idaho and now I am in Maui until end of April. If you are out there, send me an email at lapeter@sunvalley.net.