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    Re: The unbearable lightness of being...

    Le Chef said:
    [I just hope they make the 911 more of a sportscar (lighter/smaller), since they'll have the new 928 to handle the fast Touring Coupe segment (or will we need to buy a Cayman if we want a Porsche sportscar coupe?).

    ...a legend that is the 911.

    I agree Grant. Porsche doesn't need a mid-engined 911, just a more distinctive 911.

    While the "format" of the 911 could/should stay the same - rear engined and styling - it could carve a desirable niche for itself with ultra-light weight sports cars (greener probably too) for agile track-oriented drivers who don't value frou, frou leather wrapped cup-holders etc. I would love to see Porsche develop a light-weight "RS/Stradale/CSL" approach to the 911.

    But clearly the "full cream/bordello" as optional extra's approach appeals to many customers who either have not understood what makes driving a Porsche different (coming out of an Audi, or BMW for example) or don't yet put Porsche at the top of their list because the stats are not obviously quantifiably better (The Motor Trend reader). Those people supply a chunk of Porsche's profits, and they don't care about performance, just luxury and the brand name cache, so it's unlikely to ever happen.

    I suspect Porsche will continue to satisfy both market niches, the "bordello" look, for those interested in the high-end amenities, and the performance aspects. Porsche have always tried to satisfy their customers (and keep them).

    As long as the 911-layout continues to be in demand, they will manufacture it.

    My question to them is will they make the new 911 a lot lighter, using fiber composite body panels, or will expected costs be so prohibitive as to price such a car out of the niche they have come to dominate?



    If Benjamin Braddock were graduating today you can be sure Mr. Robinson would make "composites" his one word.

    Everyone is looking at how to make composites more cheaply. If you're building planes, cars, trucks or boats it's the next big thing in terms of lightness. Look at the new BMW roof in cf. or Boeing's new Dreamliner.

    Re: Composites

    Le Chef said:
    If Benjamin Braddock were graduating today you can be sure Mr. Robinson would make "composites" his one word.

    Good one. I just watched that movie again last week (for the 20th time)

    BTW, it was not Mr. Robinson that gave that advice, it was another family friend (I forget the name)...

    Re: Composites

    I have grown to love the 911.

    Although I also think it would be insane if Porsche made a aggressive low 2 seater with mid engine. Maybe price it a little above the turbo.



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