Was surfing on my iphone photo gallery to clean it when I found these 2 year old photos taken at EVO event in AIA in October 2011

Some curious facts about this event. It was the ecooty 2011 EVO car of the year. Chris Harris and Henry were there together with their EVO colleagues. As you can see by the pics the lot of sports cars was brilliant, remember this was in 2011, Lamborghini started to deliver the Aventador to their clients in November 2011 so the presence of the big bull was a hit. Mclaren send two cars, a black and a orange, a team of mechanics and a Truck. Ferrari sent an engineer together with the FF, Lamborghini send two factory very charming mechanics and many tires for the Aventador and Lambo Perfomante. All brands oblige EVO to sign a contract where only the names mention on the contract (Professional car Journalists) could drive the cars!!! Now get this , Porsche sent the GT3 RS 4.0, Cayman R the car keys and said EVO to have fun with it , no need for any silly sign contract, no need for any mechanic or factory assistance, just the cars and go SmileySmiley.Smiley

The Perfomante ´was a factory car that have been in a bad accident, it came directly from Italy after the accident and when they started to test it, the front suspension was bouncing like hell, still you could have lots of fun riding in it Smiley. There was also a C 63 AMG that had an accident during the footage and couldn´t be present at the final circuit tests. I was also able to ride as a passenger on the GT3 RS 4.0 which was great, but the highlight was the ride on the Aventador, it made all sort of weird noises and was raw, very raw. They had a huge headache when orange Mclaren had a rear suspension failure on circuit. They had made all the pics for the event on this car and after two hours trying to solve the failure they had to give up and  use the black car for the final lap on circuit and pics which was not very pleasant. GT3 RS won the contest.

And now the pics



And of course the best car of the lot Smiley