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    Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    This is where we find out the plans for FY09.

    I'll be getting home from a trip to Tazania on Dec 6 , but i hope to post information on this as soon as I get back.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Please do! I really hope the big news will be there return to Lemans with an LMP1. If Audi keeps on winning they will catch Porsche's 16 overall victories in no time. Audi only only one win away from Ferrari's 9 overall.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    There were no surprises at the Porsche Motorsports Night on Saturday in Weissach.

    Wolfgang Dürheimer announced the already known cooperation between Porsche and the Penske in the Grand-Am.

    Also Continued support for customer teams in the US.

    Officially - and after three years as scheduled - the end of the RS Spyder project with Penske Racing in the ALMS was declared.

    Dürheimer said RS Spyder customer teams will continue to get full support: "I hope to see  GT3 RSR's alongside one or two RS Spyder at the 24 Le Mans."

    Dürheimer praised the new 2011 engine regulations of the ACO, "with much sense of the signs of the times has recognized."

    He assured the ACO both support, with new technology (to enrich Le Mans), as well as continue to help to find a balance between the various drive concepts in order for them to work.

    Porsche had previously not included the LMP1 class in their plans, because the regulations clearly fovored the LMP1 diesel-powered vehicles , said Dürheimer. He went on to say that the Porsche engineers will in the next few months look very closely within the various motorsport involvements to see how the future will employ. Porsche made it clear (at least indirectly), to the representatives of the ACO , that a return to the top prototype class, was not excluded.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Spyderidol, I would appreciate your opinion on the following:

    Do you think the Porsche engined DP Penske can win Daytona 24, outright?

    How do you assess Porsche's chances in LMS and ALMS in the P2 and GT2 classes?

    Same for FIA GT, GT2 class?

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    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Hi reginos.

    My opinion is as follows:

    1. Yes, I think that a Porsche powered DP can indeed win 24H Daytona outright. The Ruby Tuesday entry was very competitive in the 2007 championship, and although 2008 was not fantastic (they changed chassis and the old one became outdated) they showed they had pace (along with the Brumos Porsche Powered DP) in some of the races. Penske is an entirely different kettle of fish. They are extremely professional and they have kept the entire ALMS team together . They should be the most professional team out there in 2009. Of course all this requires a bit of luck as well.
    2. Porsche's chances in LMP2 (both in ALMS and LMS) is , at this point in time, non existent. There are no confirmation (as of yet) of any one running a Spyder in any of the series. Their GT2 chances in ALMS remain good. I believe that the 2009 RSR is quite different from the 2008 car, and hopefully it will be even more competitive. I say their chances are 50 - 50. The LMS is slightly different. They need to get a team that has a development contract with Michelin (as some of the Ferrari teams have). Without this there chances are zero.
    3. FIA GT is a real problem. They have a tire disadvantage (but I think that the new rules will not allow development tires in the FIA GT) and as you know, success is penalized with ballast. If I recall correctly the power to weight ratio of the RSR is slightly (very slightly) less than the F430, so if it does win anything, it will immidiately be uncompetitive in the next race.
    Anyway, I'm hoping that they can now concentrate on the development of the RSR and that  they find something that will really make a big difference for 2009. The 2008 car was a great improvement over the 2007 car, but we need another big step forward.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Thanks for the detailed reply!

    To be honest with you, I'd prefer no Spyders in both the LM series, rather than an under-funded half-hearted effort by a mediocre team that might end the car's career on a low note.


    It's not where you're going, it's how you get there that counts

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    I completely agree!

    Also - The RSR had some difficulty with the rate of degradation of the rear tires in relation to the F430's. The RSR's were not able to double stint their tires as the F430's were. This is obviously due to the difference in weight distribution. I suspect that we will see some further development in this area. I know that Porsche is very interested in getting better fuel consumprtion out of their engines, but there is little point to this if the tires cant last as long as the fuel.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Further more detailed news:

    • There was a team at the  Porsche awards ceremony in Weissach which is planning to run a Porsche RS Spyder in the LMS next year.
    • Roger Penske announced on stage in Weissach at the Porsche awards ceremony that he hoped Porsche would have something for him in the future.
    • He admitted  that the Daytona Prototype effort is a way to keep the endurance racing team together.
    • Porsche has targeted the 24H Nurburgring race above all others as a key battleground next year, and is relishing the opportunity to take on this Audi with its own GT3 car.
    • Porsche is putting more into the Nurburgring 24 hours than ever before.

    Thanks to Andrew Cotton.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    We know where three of the four Penske Drivers will be next year..Any news on  Sasscha Maassen? Perhaps he will be focusing on LMP1 development..
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    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Hello SpiderIdol!, I got this from Mulsannes corner and tell me what you think about what was suppose to be coming out from the Acura group about Audi not returning. After reading this, it made me hate Acura even more!!! I think they are a big joke!


    >>While nothing official has been released, Acura has apparently reaffirmed internally that the LMP program is still a go for 2009; the Honda F1 pullout will have no impact on the 2009 American Le Mans Series program.  Additionally, comments coming out of Acura indicate immense disappointment with Audi's withdrawal.  Everyone should recall Audi's comments at the 2006 American Le Mans Series award banquet, "Why is Audi unchallenged?  Ask Porsche – where are you with your glorious motor sports history?  Why are you not in the top category? Honda-Acura, why not in the premier formula?  Why LMP2?  Come and challenge us. If you beat us, we will honor you."  And just as that competition has emerged Audi goes the other way.  I have a very tough time believing "absolute" costs are behind Audi's decision not to race in the ALMS next year.  Yes I'm fully aware of the horrible economic climate, remember what industry I work in?  This uncertainty has been going on for much longer than most are aware, take my word for it.  But if we believe that Audi has indeed built a new LMP challenger (and I'm not suggesting that we shouldn't), then we believe that the large costs have already been spent and the operating costs to race for a season are a mere drop in the bucket in comparison.  So it seems a little odd to spend 85% and suddenly not be able to swallow spending the last 15%.  But ultimately I'll suggest that yes, costs are the issue, but not as we've been made to believe.  Audi certainly has plenty of money to race the R15 next year...but I'm betting that they're worried about the costs associated with staying competitive with Acura (and Peugeot).  Semantics?  Perhaps.    But there's evidence to believe that Acura has thrown the gauntlet down and Audi should be concerned.  A shame that Audi can't be goaded in to sticking around.  If you ask me, this will be the first time in their 10 year association with the ALMS that they would have had real and sustained competition.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    996Cal..I am wondering if Audi's new owner (Aka Porsche), whose CEO has said Motorsports has to be profitable, such as new R8 forGT2 category, is not behind this decision. Perhaps they are waiting for Porsche to enter LMP1 so that it's not just 1 Audi team competing wtih 3 Acura teams.
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    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Bobr, I just read on that Porsche wants to build a special GT3 to compete against the Audi R8 GT3. I wanted to correct you that the R8 is a GT3 car for the FIA GT championship. But yeah that would be cool to see both Porsche and Audi taking on Acura.

    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Well Dyson Racing confirmed the best kept secret Smiley They are running Mazada powerd Lola in LMP2 next year... I live about 30 mins from their race shop so hoping to see the new cars before Sebring..They hosted  Porsche Club last year so hoping for invite...

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    Re: Porsche Motorsports Night - December 6

    Porsche wants to build a special GT3 to compete against the Audi R8 GT3. I wanted to correct you that the R8 is a GT3 car for the FIA GT championship.

    Porsche does offer the GT3 Cup S which is intended to improve the 911´s performance in those racing series. Very curious to see these two perform side-by-side, since the R8 uses the V10 engine and teams are without factory-backup e.g. in the ADAC GT Masters.



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