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    Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

     Decided to use the car out for a nice Sunday blast today, as the weather was great.... 

    The day started off great.......... but ended with the car being taken home on the back of a flat bed truck with me stuck in the M5 traffic for 3 hours !!  SmileySmiley

    We were driving down to Exeter on the back roads to go to an airfield so the wife could do a sky dive, which went well Smiley. When we got down i went to get something from the car only to notice the back rear tyre was flat Smiley.  I got the compressor out and inflated the tyre only to hear the air rushing back out. Rather than mucking about with the tyre sealant i decided to call Porsche Assist. To their credit they were very good, and within an hour the guy arrived. He was unable to fix the tyre as a nail had entered the tread and was sticking out the inner side wall. Basically the tyre was dead SmileySmiley.  This meant that a flat bed truck was required to lift the car back home, and thus resulted in a very pissed off wife and two kids as we had to wait for an hour and a half for the truck. 

    Anyway i now have the car safely tucked up in my garage with no damage. I was very worried about having the car lifted onto a truck as it has the sports PASM and hence catches everything. Just need to get the wheel to a tyre fitter this week to get robbed for the price of a new tyre Smiley

    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

    Maybe they even try to rob you for two tyres, just to keep the car balanced.

    I hope the anger cools down soon and you and your family can see the funny side of things (you got a story to tell now).

    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

     If the other rear tire has over 30% wear it will need to be replaced also.  I am very sympathetic, as I have had two flat tires this year  in 2,000 kms. - fortunately though in both cases was able to drive to the dealer (nearby), as the tire pressures were down to about 24-27 psi.  Hope your next Sunday Blast will be better.

    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)


    Well looking back i am glad that i got a flat on my Carrera Smiley

    On monday morning i took my daily drive to work ( Ford Mondeo), i often use my Porsche for this trip if the weather is good but i am glad i could not due to the flat. Anyway whilst stopped for  fuel Mr. White van man decided that he would like to do some re-modeling to the front of my Mondeo by reversing into it. This has resulted in a new front wing and respray of the front bumper. I have had a gut full of cars in the last 12 hours !!!Smiley


    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

     OMG, cdixon, what did you do to deserve this? But I'm glad your broken tire was at least some good.  

    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

    @cdixon: sorry to hear this - cr*p happens and it's very frustrating I'm sure - but look on the bright side, if luck evens out over time, some good things are due to come your way


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    Re: Sunday Blast (Started well, ended ..........)

    True, That is the way i tend to look at life !

    I am just glad i did not join my wife on the Parachute jump that day. I would have except i was waiting for the Porsche assist guy to show up.




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