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    Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Had my car in for a body repair this week.
    On return, the interior seems to have been cleaned with furniture polish and a duster. Not happy! Feels like it is coated with a waxy deposit and has turned a bit shiny. To add insult to injury, there was a BMW promo (air freshener?) hanging from the indicator stalk.

    Anyone know if this is restorable? I usually use Zymol leather cleaner, as it retains the matt finish and leaves it with a soft 'just moisturised' feel.

    So pi$$ed off!

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Try your favourite leather cleaner, if it is bad, you can go after the body shop.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    It's better after some Zymol attention.
    I guess they just gave it a cursary wipe over with some leather wipes. Shame they didn't actually clean it, and left some grubby marks.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    But not completely gone. (sigh).

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Using a combination of Autoglym Upholstery Foam cleaner and Autoglym Leather cleaner should do the trick. Work the foam gently into the affected areas with a soft nailbrush then wipe it off with a dry cloth then wipe some leather cleaner over it, gently agitate with the nailbrush to get it into the leather and again wipe of with a clean cloth. You may need to repeat this a couple of times to get the surface completely clean and back to a matte finish. I've used this technique many times with great success.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Will ive it another going over when I get chance.
    Looks more matt now, but still is a bit 'furniture polish' feeling.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Just an update on this issue, and to report some good customer service. The repairer in question was FW Jesty, down near Poole. The repair was done to a good standard, but I think the valet screwed up and cleaned the interior with Mr Sheen.

    Jesty's sent a professional valeter from Parc Ferme over to my house on Monday. Really nice chap, looked over the condition of the car, gave advice and technique tips, showed how some zymol work could get shot of the swirls on the paint, and I got a bottle of Zymol leather Treat. Bloke reckons that a soft brush like a soft nail brush is better for cleaning leather with, as it gets into the grain of the leather better than a cloth.

    Upshot of it is, I'm feeling happy and will probably get Parc Ferme down to do a complete Zymol job on the outside, and then trust them to top it up if I haven't got time.

    So top marks to Jesty's for picking up a dropped ball well, and a recommendation to Parc Ferme.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    I had this on one of my previous cars. The Porsche Center had the car for the first inspections. They made some ugly grease spots on to the seats. After that they cleaned it with Porsche Leather Cleaner. As this made the seat shiny, they cleaned the whole car (all pillars, dashboard, - all Leather) with this stuff. Result, I came on the evening picking up a shiny blue leather interior. This was so disgustingly ugly.

    I didnt take the car with me this evening. I came a day later to pick it up and Porsche told me - sorry, we cant do anything. This needs time. In the same day, they distroyed my Convertible Roof (while cleaning the car, the vacummed the soft-top box, there is a small hook for closing the cover. By conincident they removed the protection shield of this hook - result, the hook goes on folding the top, through the top and make a big hole into it.).

    End of the story, one mistake run another. After having had the car almost 6 weeks at the dealer (not fulltime, but more or less the majority of it), and the car was still shiny I agreed on a deal getting a new car (yes - I made a loss and I had to put 20k on top after the car was just 4 months old).

    Anyway - since that, I give a list of advices what to do and what not to do meanwhile the car is in service!

    And - never put leather cleaner on top of those seats... they get so shiny

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    I'm glad it's not just me! Sorry about your car Lars. poor roof! I also don't trust anyone now! But sometimes they do things you didn't expect them to do.

    The Zymol Treat conditionner seems OK. Not shiny, made from bananas.
    And I have used the Zymol Leather cleaner for a while now - again non-shiny.
    My problem is that as the car is outside ALL the time, some of the leather has got a bit dry in the sun.

    I would agree not to touch it if possible is best, or use a damp cloth, but if you do need to remove marks, I can recommend the above two.

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    Good Tip! I try to geht this Zymol stuff - will see if this works. Always helpful to get the right, helpful fluids!

    cheers and safe trips!

    Re: Leather advice: Removing waxy product.

    I would try odorless mineral spirits (different from paint thinner). I know this sounds dangerous, but I had a similar problem in another car (with same "pigmented" leather) and got so frustrated I just threw caution to the wind used it. I tried inconspicuous area first and it seemed fine. Then did whole seat and it worked. Do it "fast," make terry cloth towel _slightly_ damp with MS and follow with dry towel. No lasting "nightmarish" problems with it.



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