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    Re: CTR III

    Amazing! I Love it!

    But, if the sequential tranny, why the clutch pedal? Am I missing something here?

    Re: CTR III

    Porsche930S said:
    Amazing! I Love it!

    But, if the sequential tranny, why the clutch pedal? Am I missing something here?

    It is sort of semi-sequential. You still have to operate the clutch pedal but the shift lever moves only up and down.

    Actually, I would have been surprised, if RUF, with limited resources, had been able to develop a proper sequential able to handle 1200Nm of torque.

    CTR III - More Pix

    More pictures here.

    Re: CTR III - More Pix

    you know, I have no clue what to think of this!
    I love the matte paint, but on the other hand, it makes the car look like made out of plastic... I love the design, but on the other hand, the rear is too long. I love that it will be a supercar, but I don't like that they took a cayman instead of a 911, and so on and so on... like every good supercar, it awakes clashing emotions...

    Re: CTR III - More Pix

    Hi,here is some official technical info:

    Build in steel, aluminium and kevlar-carbon. Rollover protection in A-pillar and in birdcage. The birdcage forms a torsion resistant unit with the front chassis by joining to the sill beam and the A pillar.

    Type-turbocharged boxer
    Cylinders -6
    Displacement-3,746 cc / 228.6 in3
    Bore-102 mm / 4.01 in
    Stroke-76.4 mm / 3.01 in
    Output-515 kW (700 hp) at 7,000 rpm
    Max. torque-890 Nm / 656.5 lb-ft
    Compression ratio 9.2 : 1
    Engine control unit-Bosch Motronic with OBD-2
    Turbo charger-two KKK turbo chargers
    Intercooler-two air-air-intercoolers

    Top speed - 375 kph / 235 mph
    0-100 kph / 0 - 62 mph - 3.2 sec

    Euro 380,000.00 (plus VAT)

    Re: CTR III - More Pix

    there is not much of the cayman left is there? haha.
    I swear it looks like they really extended the wheelbase and everything? is this true?

    Re: CTR III - More Pix

    Atzporsche said:
    there is not much of the cayman left is there? haha.
    I swear it looks like they really extended the wheelbase and everything? is this true?

    Indeed it seems that Ruf is using the 997 front-chassis and then built an proprietary space frame + birdcage for the rear. Maybe technically it's close to a midengined 997

    Re: CTR III - More Pix

    Love it. Diagonal pattern on the inside door panels is awsome.

    Re: CTR III

    Ludikrisspeed said:
    I like the design... but I also think Porsche did a great job with the Cayman. This car is NOT the daily-driver that the cayman is... this is closer to a Pagoni Zonda. This is exactly why aftermarket tuners do well... the create out-of-the-box designs for those who'll pay for it.
    But Porsche focuses on a design that you can drive to work, the store, on a trip, to the beach... etc, and not have the papparazzi tryin to take your picture getting out of your car at the supermarket.

    I humby beg to differ. RUF, although his cars are extremely fast, builds with daily driving and reliability in mind. He doesn't build finiky cars that you roll out for top speed runs only. Yellowbird is the perfect example of this. They STILL take that car out to auto rag's top speed days, and while the others are icing down their intercoolers / intakes, the RUF guys are giving "fun runs" in Yellowbird to whomever wants one.

    Here is a neat post from an f-chat CTR 3 thread from user lmpdesigner in Atlanta:
    The CTR3 is based on the floorpan of the Boxster, which is, incidentally the same bit as used on the 911. The inner structure of both chassis are the same.

    The CTR3 has a completely new rear half of the car, as the chassis is cut just behind the seats. The rear structure is a tube frame structure with a billet aluminum rear cross member and suspension mount "plates".

    The engine is the RUF RT2 twin turbo "911" motor with 700ish HP. A very powerful and torquey motor.

    The gearbox is a 6 speed transverse box, made by a German company called Hoer. The box is similar to the box used in the Carrera GT, but is not the same. The Ruf box is unique to the CTR3

    The rear has a pushrod type suspension, with Porsche 997 (modifed) suspension arms and uprights. The front suspension is McPherson strut, with modified uprights/etc.

    The front and rear wheels uses acenter lock wheel retention system on RUF bespoke wheels.

    The dampers are from Dynamic suspensions.

    The rear chassis structure is integrated into the "donor" chassis thru the rollcage structure up top and thru some integral lower chassis tubes that run fore aft thru the rocker panel area.

    The rear floor has a large ACO/ALMS style diffuser and is a stressed part of the chassis. (The engine floor is stressed as a shear panel, under the motor.)

    The car's styling was done (primarily) by a young Australian, Ben Soderberg-whose dad, Dick, was a designer for Porsche for years. (Dick did the 959 car, among others.)

    The mechanical design and engineering of the "new chassis" and drivetrain was done (Yes-it was!)

    Re: CTR III

    Awesome ! Porsche should use design like this for their cars, because this one really looks like sports car should look.

    Re: CTR III

    Message to all who are disappointed that RUF did not choose to base this car on a 911: wake up and smell the coffee.

    Re: CTR III

    Re: CTR III

    I really like it and I am not usually a fan of the RUF way of styling cars. I've always found them way to busy, at least lately. I think it all works with the exception of the rear hatch cover. I think a nicely shaped Lexan piece with a view of the engine would work a bit better.

    As far as the openings inboard of the rear wheels, genius. bravo RUF.

    Re: CTR III

    A very special car with nods to current styling cues as well as touches from the great racing Porsches of the past.

    At first I thought it was too much, but a day later, I simply LOVE it.



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