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    Has anyone had a problem with their A/C?

    I've had my '06 997 C4 for about 2 months now and finally needed to use my A/C. It was about 78 degrees in Vegas the other day so I turned it on. The A/C would blow cold for a few minutes and then seem to stop working to then start blowing cold air again. I realize that the compressor cuts on and off, but during the "off" times, the air wasn't cold enough, so I think something is wrong. It's not even hot in Vegas yet, and I was uncomfortable on a 78 degree day. I hear hissing type noises periodically too. When it's "on" the air is nice and cold, but something is up. Even when I lowered the temp to 63 degrees it still had periods where the air that it was blowing wasn't cold enough. Any ideas? Is there a thermostat type adjustment? Leak?

    I'm going to take it to the dealer when I get a chance, but with my work schedule what it is, it probably won't be for another month or so and I'd like some opinions on what the problem could be...

    Thanks for your thoughts..

    Re: Has anyone had a problem with their A/C?

    That's odd that it's periodic. I had a system leak through some valve before but it wasn't blowing cold at all.

    Re: Has anyone had a problem with their A/C?

    My CS had a leak in system somewhere and it took a couple of visits to the dealership for them to find the leak and fix it (under warranty). It would blow hot and then gradually chill. Best to get it into the shop.

    Re: Has anyone had a problem with their A/C?

    IMPORTANT (?): always run your AC unit for a few minutes on a routine basis to keep the system "lubricated" so it won't leak prematurely. (could be BS, but something I heard and makes sense to me).

    Check on the internet somewhere but I believe there's a specific temp that all modern-refridgerant-filled AC units should reach when on full blast coming from the center vent. Stick a thermometer in there to measure that temp. I think it's something like 48 or 52 degrees Farenheit. When AC fails to cool to that temp it needs recharging.

    A guy on these boards had a problem with a leak a while ago, they tightened a hose, refilled the system and he was good to go.

    Re: Has anyone had a problem with their A/C?

    Keep in mind that our a/c condensors are now up in front of the two front engine cooling radiators. If you took a rock hit up there you may have killed the integrity of the system.




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