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    I just got the latest issue of...

    Excellence Magazine in the mail. They have a lengthy article on 9ff Porsche tunner and thought to share some of their nice pictures with you guys. Enjoy

    Re: I just got the latest issue of...

    Hi Ron.
    I am very interested on what Excellence Magazine is saying about 9ff
    Few weeks ago I posted a msg asking for someone who had experience with 9ff but because he is still not well known, I had very poor feedback
    I read about 9ff on 2 french magazine (Option Auto and Flat6) and 1 german (Test & Tuning): 579bhp, 763nm of torque for everyone but mixed results on performance

    0-100kmh in 4.1s
    0-160kmh in 8.0s
    0-200kmh in 12.2s
    Max speed of 313kmh

    Option Auto
    0-100kmh in 3.6s
    0-200kmh in 10.8s
    Max speed of 343kmh

    Flat 6
    0-100kmh in 3.6s
    0-160kmh in 7.0s
    0-200kmh in 10.8
    Max speed of 325kmh

    Ok. Could you give me some numbers from Excellence?
    What the magazine is saying about the exhaust with sound tone manually switchable in 3 positions?
    And what about the cost for the engine conversion? I have read from Euro 17,000 to Euro 24,000

    Let me know what you think about 9ff after having read the article


    Re: I just got the latest issue of...

    Have you considered Ruf?
    I'm just saying that because they have a very solid reputation and that must be important when you start modifying your car no?
    And if you don't like the Ruf body kit, you can leave your car as it is which I think it's great.
    Mind you, the 9ff body kit looks very good actually and I must admit that I am very interested in that 3 positions exhaust, that's a good idea, I wonder if it has an effect on power though?
    Good luck in your search!
    BTW: I know womeone from the UK who's coming over to do the Rallye de Paris (WE of the 8th of March) Would you be interested, it'd be nice to meet you at Magny Cours
    What about you Pierre?

    Re: I just got the latest issue of...

    you have got it right...I am considering Ruf with Europipe exhaust!
    I agree with you: when you modify a car, it's better to go for a well known tuner like Ruf (a bit expensive but...)
    But I have to say that when i looked at 9ff, I was quite impressed by the datas and the look of the car (wheels, brakes, body kit, etc) and I wanted to know more.
    As for the exhaust, don't know anything about performance but the 3 stage position is very cleaver
    As for the Rallye de Paris, let me know something more . I am always interested in this kind of venues...



    Re: I just got the latest issue of...

    Hi Fanch,

    Rallye de Paris?... Yes, tell us more about it! The only info I was able to find was about the 2002 edition...

    Rallye de Paris

    Well about the rallye guys,
    Apparently, the 180 applications max has been reached
    But I'm sure they can make axceptions for amazing cars like the 996 turbo!
    Departure is from the Eiffel tour on saturday the 8th of March, straight to Magny Cours, the road there will be very scenic.
    Then we stay overnight at Vichy and then, the next day, we go circuit Charade.
    Last year was amazing.
    Price is EUR 990 per car.
    Here are the phone numbers to join them
    +33 1 42 12 07 08
    Hope you make it guys, it will be nice to meet you.
    BTW, mention me when you apply, they know me from last year, maybe, it'll help.
    I know there's hope bc last year, I was number 181

    Re: I just got the latest issue of...


    I read the test results of the 9ff in November 2002, Auto Bild and now the April 2003 Excellence Magazine. The car tested according to the two articles appears to be the same HP and Torque. Auto Bild tested the 9ff and their times were average but not spectacular. The 9ff placed between second, third and fourth overall, depending on the contest. In the Excellence article the 9ff was a whole new car, or at least it was according to the 9ff claims as I don't believe Excellence actually time tested the car. As an example, Auto Bild tested the 9ff's 0-100 km/h at 4.1 seconds, 9ff claimed in Excellence the 0-100 km/h is 3.6 seconds. The Auto Bild tested the 0-200 km/h at 12.2 seconds, 9ff claims in the Excellence article a 0-200 km/h of 10.8 seconds. The story is the same as it goes along.

    Re: I just got the latest issue of...

    If you would give me couple days I promise I'll post the jest of the article. Right now I am swamaped with work.


    Re: Rallye de Paris

    Fanch, I wrote to the Rallye de Paris, and they're going to send me their documentation by snail-mail...

    Re: Rallye de Paris

    Fantastique Pierre!!!
    That means they are considering an eventual 181st participant,
    It'll be so cool to meet you chasing the fat bum of you Turbo round the Adelaide hairpin
    I'll be with my girlfriend and an other couple driving the SL, I've already thought of everything, a caisse of 12 bottles of wine will replace my luggage in the front compartment!
    Won't go round the race track with it though,
    A bientot j'espere,

    Re: Rallye de Paris

    Fanch, I've been in Magny-Cours for the first time last October for the Porsche Cup Switzerland. With the rain we had on the first day, Adelaide was... huh... interesting for everybody!...
    I'll let you know as soon as I get the doc.

    Re: Rallye de Paris

    Fanch, I just got the doc from the address you gave me. Funnily, they sent me the one for the Rallye Historique! I doubt they'd accept my entry... I guess it means the Rallye de Paris is already booked out.


    Re: Rallye de Paris

    If you are really interested, let me know, and I'll try by giving them a call,



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