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    Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    Sebastian Vettel, who was acting in place of Kubica a couple of races ago, will take Scott Speeds cockpit at Toro Rosso's F1 team.

    He was "borrowed" by BMW to ex-employee Gerhard Berger and his current team. Reportedly there has been a relationship between BMW and Red Bull in the past, but I rather expect Berger's influences to play a role this time.

    I am really looking forward how he will perform in comparison to Liuzzi, Toro Rosso's drivers haven't really impressed at all so far.

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    he's fast...I'm surprised BMW let him go like that, unless its a temporary loan to perhaps sharpen his skills.

    BMW is in a tough spot, with Kubica and Heidfeld both very promising drivers. Are they good enough to crack the top 4? Maybe...Is Vettel? Another maybe...

    Should be an interesting offeseason for BMW

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    I could imagine, hence the term "borrowed", that BMW will be more than happy to let him gain experience. Especially in a team that is far too inferior to hurt BMW's own position in F1.

    Vettel's talent, Glock's as well by the way, is much to precious to be kept in the form of a test driver. He definately needs some practice. That's why I am looking forward to see him in the car; if he drives loops around Liuzzi than he doesn't have any further excuse for his performance... If not, then Liuzzi is better than expected.

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    Good move by BMW. although Vettel is capable he isn't ready to drive for a top team, his driving need to be polished.
    The last time he filled in for Kubica he drove well but did do several mistakes and wasn't nearly as focused as the two years older Hamilton.

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    I've heard that Vettel was signed to STRF and that he was actually on loan to BMW for temporary I think he's back? Hopefully they will provide a competitive package, because I think he is talented.

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    ...I still hope we see Bourdais in F1 soon. If Liuzzi is kicked out maybe...

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    Toro Rosso team is doing horribly this year. If you put Schumacher in the car this weekend, he'd be at the back of the pack. Put Speed or Luzzi in the BMW and see the difference. I don't think Vettel is going to be happy with his ride after the first race. He's still going to be a long way back on the grid. He does have talent, but so do most F1 drivers.

    Re: Vettel @ Toro Rosso

    Vettel indeed was involved with Red Bull since quite some time, I have no further info who he initially signed to. As an interesting sidenote, it was Michael Schumacher who hinted at other people that Vettel was a very promising talent in the kart.
    Give him three races and he will show his true potential - Toro Rosso's team boss Gerhard Berger explicitly stated that he is supposed to develop, learn and contribute to analytical work aka. vehicle development. I honestly don't think that Liuzzi will stand a chance, he will not be anything else than equal in the long end.

    I am afraid when it comes to Michael Schumacher, one of his true advantages was his ability to drive with underperforming, bad handling cars. The reason, in my (and other people's) eyes, why so many young drivers are quite competitive in F1 racing nowadays is due to today's car's easily approachable handling, at least compared to previous generations.



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