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    New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    A new rumor indicates that the all new 911(997) will be presented for MY 2005 (summer 2004).
    The exterior design won't be radical but more refined. The interior will be changed completely, back to the classic instrumentation/dashboard with a modern touch.
    Regarding the engines, there seems to go on a little "discussion" right now between the Porsche CEO, the marketing department, Weissach and PCNA.
    Right now, a 3.6 l engine with 345 to 350 HP are in the word for the base model. "S" versions are rumored to be in the 400 HP range with a 3.8 l engine. Direct fuel injection might be a new technology used, same applies to a new clutch/shifting system similar to the one Audi uses on the new TT 3.2 quattro. There is also a rumor that PCNA urges Porsche to offer a high power V8 in the 997 or any other new sports car model.

    As always: treat rumors with caution.

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    The exterior design won't be radical but more refined

    Sounds good. They finally decided to get away from the cheap plastic looking interior, BIG PLUS.

    As to continue on with the rumor ,
    as preliminary discussions indicate it would be a smart idea if they offere more HP with the "S" versions. I'm sure PCNA is getting on PAG's case on the horse power war among German cars , it is about time.

    Can't wait to see them(997) in the show room.

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    thanks RC, these rumours seem very realistic to me! MY2005 makes sense. i would predict that they're gonna present the car in march 2004 on the geneva show.

    ...but what's your prediction about the turbo?

    O production will be suspended until new turbo arrives
    O 997 turbo will be available right away
    O 996 turbo will be offered until 997 turbo is ready

    please tick one

    cheers; zz

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    Does the power inflation for the base and "S" model then imply a 997 Turbo that would exceed 500hp, I wonder?


    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    If the rumors turn out to be true, I really feel that the resale values of the 996 are going to suffer! But, I think I definitely would support these plans - seems like the right thing. Now, if they could reduce the weight or offer a lightweight RS version too, that would be wondeful!

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    As I posted last week my sales guy, who has been very reliable sofar on what he has told me, said that June of 2003 is the last month that they are allowed to take deposits for 996TT (Coupe). We have to wait and see.

    I have a feeling that Porsche won't offere a 997TT version. The Turbo version could show up for the next Generation Turbo(998?), just my guess.

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    I agree with Ron re the Turbo. I think Porsche has typically waited for a year or so before bringing out the Turbo in new clothes.

    There is no doubt that summer/fall 03 is going to be an active year for Porsche speculators, spy cameras, and maybe even photoshop stuff!

    Re: New 996(997) expected for MY 2005

    Sounds good to me! Round headlights, a classic insrument layout, and a 400 hp flat 6 "S". I'll take mine in Slate Gray, full leather, M030...



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