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    997 C4 TechArt Body Kit - Skirt Fit


    I recently purchased a Techart kit for 997 C4. Front and Back Spoilers a perfect fit, for side skirt tech who installed front and back could not get to fit after half day and called it quits. Called CEC, read them part number stamped on and they say it is the right one. Tech trying to install has done many and says something wrong with skirt fit. Anyone had this problem or know if there is a particular trick to installing those? Have pictures of gap between skirt and body when we tried I can send if you want to take a look.

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Henri Deschamps

    Re: 997 C4 TechArt Body Kit - Skirt Fit

    The guys at Brandywine Porsche in PA put these on all the time. Maybe they can guide you.

    Re: 997 C4 TechArt Body Kit - Skirt Fit

    Thanks Neil, unfortunately I ordered from them and they were not helpful. After several days and hours on the phone with them throughout the sequence of events described below they simply told us to send skirts back so they could look at them. Think important to list below excerpt from email to them yesterday on the sequence of events for anyone else considering buying and installing a kit such as this. It looks great but is far from an easy matter if important issues not understood properly by all the actors involved. In my case it ended up being a multi-party ping-pong game that has lasted 6 weeks so far.

    I am in the Western North Carolina High country an hour and fifteen minutes from the nearest Porsche dealer. I ordered new 19" wheels and tires, and TechArt kit from Brandywine. They delivered everything about 2 weeks late and it was a kit for C2 when I ordered a C4 kit. Obviously it did not fit and no one saw that at bodyshop or dealer till after painting when they went to install. When we called Brandywine and read them part number they said it was a distributor screw-up and 3 weeks later sent C4 skirts.

    E-Mail, to Brandywine Yesterday, the one and only time I have been anything but a sweetheart throughout.

    "This has been probably over 1 1/2 months, multiple foul ups, wrong techart kit sent to us, another kit sent, blaming distributors for wrong or short shipment, three wheels and tires delivered instead of four, waiting, me in that crossfire between Brandywine and distributors, all requiring delays and multiple trips to install first body kit and wheels, then a second set of skirts shipped, weeklong waits between new episodes, car unable to be used probably 3-4 weeks during all that back and forth, several trips to body shop, and several trips to Porsche dealer both of which are a half-day project from where I am located, with one person driving the car, and another following in another to get back here, doing the same thing several times, and lots of costs (getting 1st set painted, picking them up because wrong part, going back and forth to Porsche dealer and body shop to get first and second set installed and it never working out, paying nontheless both bodyshop and dealer for their labor and efforts although a wash, and still not finished and no end in sight. "

    Yesterday I called CEC, the importer, and got a very helpful gentleman there who explained to me exactly what happended. He says a) they fit perfectly, and b) it happens when the bodyshop-installer does not follow instructions. For second set of skirts Brandywine had painted themselves before sending to me and they warped from overbaking and as such could not fit the body leaving a one inch gap between the skirt and car.

    I'll tell you it's been fun.




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