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    help and advice needed please (buying)

    i had a 997 turbo for a while now but after driving the GT3 i felt like the GT3 is the right porsche for me, anyway i found a nice 2008 MKI GT3 fully loaded done around 10000 km about 6200 miles for the price tag of 80000 USD .

    my question is if the price tag is good for this car taking into account its mileage and its fully loaded with all kind of extras .

    my second question is what important things to check in used porsche before buying it .

    and last what is the difference between MKI and MKII GT3 and i do not mean visually .

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    Re: help and advice needed please (buying)

    RRS, here is my attempt to answer some of your questions:

    1) Is the price good? Well, it all depends on where you are and what YOUR local market is like. I think that $80,000 is a pretty darned good price. It would be a very good price in the US and an even better one in Canada (we just don't have that many cars to chose from). So it really depends on what your local market looks like. Are there many of these for sale? What prices?

    2) What to check? With such low mileage you would think that it is fairly low risk. Try to find out if the car was tracked and by whom. Tracking is not necessarily a bad thing depending on the previous owner's level of experience and care. Try to get a DME reading to see how many over-revs (ignition cutt-offs). This is recorded and should be a good indication of abuse... or inexperience. Also, you can see the number of operating hours on the motor. A bit of math should tell you if the mileage is close to accurate (i.e. X hours @ average of ~100km/hour = total miles on car)

    Look for signs of re-paint: orange peel; paint ridge at body openings such as doors and hood.

    3) Differences Mk1 v Mk2? Well haven't thought about this for a while but there's lots of info out there. Top of mind: More HP, Center-Lock Wheels, and then, there's the body, but you know that.



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    Re: help and advice needed please (buying)

    Your porsche shop should be able to tell from wear if the car was tracked.. excessive track usage, though very unlikely with such low milage, but it can be the only bad thing. If it has no accidents, so clean title, than you can't go wrong and the price is actually really really good IMO . Check that the warranty is transferrable and that you still have that! 

    Other than that i say go for it, its fully loaded and a beautiful car! Mk1 just has a tiny bit less hp. Its a great deal IMHO! go for it.


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    Re: help and advice needed please (buying)

    RRS, try to find out if the car is imported.  If not, then the OPC will have a good history of the car, and will also do a check for you at a price.

    If it is imported, then either check with the OPC, or check out Alex Renner Motors, who willl also do a check on the car for you.

    The biggest problem about the second hand market is that lots of cars are imported, and their histories of ownership and usage are not known.


    Re: help and advice needed please (buying)

    thank you all , i went today to check it again and to my surprise i found 5 GT3 and 3 GT3 RS and 2 GT2 so i think i might hold on and search more , because its my first time buying a used car and it seems our market is flooded with used porsches so i might be able to get a better one with even lower price .

    Re: help and advice needed please (buying)

    Is it because people are upgrading their 997.1 GT3 / GT3 RS cars to the latest 997.2 GT3 / GT3 RS cars or simply because of the economic downturn?

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