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    Flying BMW

    I can't believe this

    Car lands in home's upper floor

    The hole left in the side of the house in Basingstoke
    View the trail of destruction
    Two people have been injured - one seriously - after a car "took off" and smashed into the top floor of a house.

    The injured people, who were in the car, were taken to hospital after the crash just before midnight on Wednesday, in Basingstoke, Hampshire.

    Police are investigating exactly how the car crashed into the upstairs wall, after going out of control on the A30.

    The occupants escaped uninjured as they were asleep in another bedroom of the house when the red BMW hit their home.

    A police spokeswoman said that one man was found in a passenger seat and the other man, who they believe could be the driver, was found under the front wheels.

    Joyce Harman told BBC News how she and her husband Joe were woken by the crash.

    "It was just horrendous," she said.

    "My husband thought the dog had knocked something over downstairs but as he got to the bedroom door he could see the hole in the wall and all the furniture moved.

    "That's when we came downstairs and saw the car there."

    'Absolutely incredible'

    The Harmans have been told they will not be able to live in their home for at least two months and that it will have to be partially rebuilt.

    The damaged room was their study, which used to be their children's bedroom.

    The couple's neighbour, George Harrison, said what had happened was "just absolutely incredible."

    Hole left in wall by crashed car
    One person was seriously hurt

    "The fence has been knocked down and the car's gone through a pathway, a signpost, a tree and the front lawn.

    "How this happened I shall never know."

    A Hampshire Police spokesperson said the red BMW lost control on a bend of the nearby A30, hit the kerb and "launched through the air, colliding with the first floor of a house in Rainbow Close."

    "A full investigation has been launched into the circumstances of the crash and how the vehicle collided with the first floor," she said.

    Officers have not yet dismissed reports that a third person may have been driving the car.

    They are trying to trace the vehicle's registered owner, but it was not reported stolen at the time of the crash.

    The injured people have not been named.

    The red BMW lost control on a bend of the A30

    The car skidded across the grass in front of the house

    It hit a fence before 'taking off' towards the house

    A neighbour surveys the damage left by the car

    The car ramped up and smashed into the top floor of the house

    The house will now have to be partially rebuilt following the crash

    Re: Flying BMW

    WOW!! Thanks for posting. Was one of Harry Houdini's relatives driving that Bimmer?

    Re: Flying BMW

    That's just around the corner from where I work. We can't fathom out how the driver managed this, but I *think* they might have been going a little too quick.

    Re: Flying BMW

    Rich C (UK) said:
    ...but I *think* they might have been going a little too quick.

    Thanks for your detailed investigation.

    Nice avatar, by the way!

    Re: Flying BMW

    Ryan in SD said:
    WOW!! Thanks for posting. Was one of Harry Houdini's relatives driving that Bimmer?

    Depends. Was Evel Knievel related to Harry Houdini?

    Re: Flying BMW

    cumbe said:
    I can't believe this

    'Absolutely incredible'

    The couple's neighbour, George Harrison, said what had happened was "just absolutely incredible."

    I find it even more incredible that George Harrison should be living next to these people!

    They'll be claiming next that Elvis is their other neighbor!

    Re: Flying BMW

    This looks totally silly and horrible at the same time.
    How in the World a car could jump to the first floor seems unimaginable to me.
    There seems to be no large bumps, ramps or any such thing here.
    Watch a movie stunt or a stuntshow and you will see it takes LOTS of speed and a dedicated ramp to make a car end up in that height.
    Sounds like a hoax to me, although I'm sure Cumbe reported it as he read it.



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