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    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    that is the issue with all designers relying on the same software...

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Designer incest....everyone copies BMW, then BMW copies those who copied BMW's...were will it end?

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Vicious circle

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Press release:

    Buttons and i-drive can be ordered in ceramics.

    Re: Separated at Birth

    MattTheCarNut said:
    Separated at birth:

    Down to the exhaust tip. But, I still like this car.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Highlights from press release (copy / paste):

    With standard Driving Dynamics Control, the driver can
    choose between four settings for shock-absorber firmness, transmission shift
    characteristics, engine-throttle response, power-steering assist: Comfort,
    Normal, Sport and Sport Plus.

    - Integral Active Steering, encompassing not only the original variable-ratio front
    steering, but also, new rear-wheel steering. Acting as an overall system, the two
    capabilities deliver a new combination of handling ease, maneuverability and
    unrivaled stability in dynamic driving conditions: Integral Active Steering is
    included in the optional Sport Package.

    - BMW Night Vision continues as an option in the new 7, and adds a new
    capability: recognizing and indicating individual pedestrians on or near the

    - The new 7's instrument cluster combines classic elements and new solutions
    into a complete, harmonious presentation of driving information. For the first
    time in a BMW, the entire cluster is a high-resolution Black Panel display, in which
    four classic circular instruments are most prominent; other driving-relevant
    displays and readouts - including GPS Navigation, vehicle-monitoring functions,
    upcoming service requirements and other information - also appear here in their
    various (and function-related) graphic forms.

    - With its 10.2-in. monitor, the new iDrive system doesn't just outdo all other
    graphic displays in automobiledom to date; its 1280 x 480-pixel resolution
    means remarkably true-to-life images. It's a system appropriate to the vehicle
    it's in, achieved via up-to-date hard- and software. White-on-black menu lists;
    effective symbols and icons; contemporary graphics; and clear, consistent colorcoding
    are among the elements that enhance, not only function, but also

    - 750i, 0-100 km/h (62 mph) in 5.2 sec.

    - When the driver "kicks down" the accelerator, the transmission can
    downshift by as many as four gears - just as quickly as if it were shifting down
    only one gear.

    - The 7 Series' Integral Active Steering now also includes rear-wheel steering
    capability. Via a steering spindle and an eccentrically positioned servo motor, the
    rear wheels can be steered up to a maximum of 3*. At low speeds, they are
    steered oppositely to the front wheels; depending on vehicle speed, the turning
    circle can be reduced by up to 27.5 inches - which, combined with the front
    wheels' reduced steering ratio, dramatically improves maneuverability.
    Varying the rear-wheel steering according to vehicle speed, the system steers them in
    the same direction as the fronts at higher speeds, which enhances the more
    important attribute of stability at these speed. A further, and perhaps less
    expected, benefit is that the rear-wheel steering reduces the yaw rate in a given
    road-speed maneuver, which would be perceived by rear-seat passengers as an
    improvement in riding comfort.

    - A new Electronic
    Limited-slip Differential function comes into play in vigorous driving when DSC is
    completely de-activated.

    - Novel in the 7 Series' market segment is its brand-new combination of a steel
    main structure and aluminum roof: The light-metal roof saves approximately 7
    kg/15 lb., and because this savings is at the vehicle's highest point, lowers the
    center of gravity and further contributes to vehicle dynamics. The doors are also
    aluminum, saving a further 48.5 lb. As on the predecessor, the hood and front
    fenders are also aluminum, making for a significant contribution to these
    automobiles' overall weight efficiency.

    - World premiere: BMW Night Vision with enhanced recognition.

    - The new 7 comes standard with a 40-GB hard drive, which provides fast access
    to navigation data and space for approximately 13GB allocated to music

    - World's first Integrated Owner's Manual.

    Also full LED lights will be available as an option (probably from beginning, but all FEP 7er had only Xenon).

    Some new pictures:

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Looks quite nice in the darker color!

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Sorry - this new BMW is ugly as hell I think the designers are basically saying the joke's on us. They're designing stuff that us guys are stupid enough to buy.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    I actually quite like the interior.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    I like it!
    A bit dull front lip is all that I can complain about.
    It has class, for gentlemen. Doesn't have any flamboyancy. Seems obvious they are trying to appeal more to more serious buyers.
    I love all the tech that went in it!
    And it's FAST!

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Wow what a disappointment..

    Uh where to start. First of all, the whole design is not only asian looking, it also looks slighly like a facelift of the old ugly duck.

    The front, shows their new face (grille) which is horrendous IMHO. Too retro or w/e and too extreme looking.. no nice flow to it. The lights are the only slightly modern looking aspect of the front that i dig.

    The rear, OMG where to even start here.. it's butt ugly.. could not have been worse. Looks like a quick update of the old one and like a creativeless imput of the design team. Honestly, those lights are just out of place.. have no nice design elements to it. Looks like they just had so change them and someone used the smudge tool in photoshop. Truck lid still has that ugly butt thing that also makes it look outdated already. not to mention it looks asian...

    All in all not much could have been done worse to this "brand new" 7. I call it a quick numb facelift at best.

    BMW i shake my head.. but then again, everyone who buys a 7 doesn't seem to care about its looks. The interior is much more important.. so as long as it has all the new and pointless technology in it with some nice new useless stuff, it will sell...

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Technical data:

    engines from the start are:


    2.993 ccm
    2.979 ccm
    4.395 ccm

    245 PS
    326 PS
    407 PS

    540 Nm
    450 Nm
    600 Nm

    0-100 km/h
    7,2 s
    5,9 s
    5,2 s

    245 km/h
    250 km/h
    250 km/h

    7,2 L/100km
    9,9 L/100km
    11,4 L/100km

    only 6-gear automatic
    new 8-gear automatic will be available next year.

    730sd (twin turbo) and 760 will be introduced about one year later.

    One nice picture (bigger rims):

    I think 7er looks like it should. Cars in this range must be conservative, elegant and not very aggressive. Most important is interior because who buys new 7er probably spend a lot of time behind a wheel and interior is perfect.

    Good news for people who like more sporty limousine... new 5 series is going to be much more coupeish and aggressive than current one. It will have more similarities with CS concept and it will in the middle between Mercedes E class and CLS. Interior will be similar to new 7 series.

    Promo video will be (I hope) tommorow on youtube, in video 7 series looks much better than on those pictures...

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Thanks Shakal for all the info.

    I am not crazy about the exterior but have to see it in the flesh / pictures from the press to submit definitiv judgement.
    As someone else said the 7-series of the second part of the 90s is IMHO the best-looking limousine of the recent years.

    I like the interior though.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Thank you Shakal, is the 740i engine the twin-turbo R6 from the 335i (with slightly more power)?

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    temm said:
    Thank you Shakal, is the 740i engine the twin-turbo R6 from the 335i (with slightly more power)?

    You're welcome

    Yes, 740i got a little tunned 3.0 R6 twin-turbo engine from 335i (N54). This engine will be in new Z4, and probably in 335is and even in 135is.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Some real world pics from the launch in Munich:

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series


    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    temm said:
    Some real world pics from the launch in Munich:

    Already looks better on your picture..

    Prices (for Germany):

    730d: 69.500 euro
    740i: 75.500 euro (Li: 82.500 euro)
    750i: 90.000 euro (Li: 94.000 euro)

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Shakal said:
    This engine will be in new Z4, and probably in 335is and even in 135is.

    Interesting, a 335is with PDK will probably be so fast (especially the in-gear times thanks to superior torque) that you wonder why anyone would pay (alot) more for an M3

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    More real life pictures:

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Interesting how real life pictures looks better than official pictures..

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series


    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    It's funny how some people complain about the styling of the Cayenne and the spy pictures of the Panamera with camouflage and yet they accept this festival of bad taste that is BMW!
    I thought they had ran out of ugliness with the X6 but just when we were glad it was all over, the 7 appeared.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    New? It looks the same as the last one but with different lights... What's the point?

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    I dont like that front. Looks to much like the pre-facelift of the old.

    The whole car is like "its ok", but not like "wow - a must"

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    Official international press release:

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    New navigation:

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    I'm waiting for the facelift

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series

    zzboba said:
    I'm waiting for the facelift

    Would fit that "Nasenbär" very well.

    Re: Official: The New BMW 7 Series


    thanks for the info!

    I find the rate and number of curvature throughout the whole car too busy for such an elegant and representative car. That said, the black exterior colour appears more appropriate on that car than the silver one. The common subdued colour choices (black, grey, dark blue) should work afterall.

    The rear layout is indeed surprisingly similiar to the Lexus LS's layout, since both cars' development must have overlapped I'd be curious to know how that could happen.



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