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    Engine issue?

    Hi guys, long time lurker here.

    Noticed something today under the engine, kind of oily smudge at two places, quite dry to the touch and I didn't notice any oil drips in the garage. Smiley

    Shoud I get it checked out or is this normal oil sweating?

    I still have porsche approved warranty for a couple of months left... could perhaps get it fixed if necessary.

    Here are some pictures (997.1 MY2008):


    Re: Engine issue?

    I would have it checked, especially given the remaining warranty coverage. 

    Having said that, unless it turned out to herald a serious future issue (which I doubt), I would not want anyone wrenching around, including supposedly factory trained mechanics.


    Re: Engine issue?

    These are the steps I'd follow:

    If the source of the leak cannot be traced I would have the area in question cleaned first, that way you can see if it comes back and go from there. It is possible that it's residue from an oil change, maybe something wasn't cleaned up afterwards.

    If the source of the leak is traceable I would ask that the torque settings of the bolts in that area are checked, unless you discover that some seal or boot is the problem. Then again, have the area sprayed down and cleaned, and observe it to see if that fixed the issue.

    If it is a seal or a boot, you probably have to replace it, depending on how much it leaks.

    In any case, I would get it checked out. I also recommend always checking the areas of the car where any work/service has been performed just to ensure everything is good. A telescope mirror and an LED flash light makes this really easy. kiss

    Hopefully you'll be able to find the problem and have it taken care of.


    If I don't fly, I drive my .:RS 

    Re: Engine issue?

    The original oil supply lines tend to leak after a while (plastic fittings!) and need to be replaced.  This is a known issue for GT1 based water cooled blocks.  I just had mine replaced - engine out to do it.  Can be very expensive, if you have a warranty insist they check for leaks at these well known leak locations.  I upgraded to the SharkWerks fittings.





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