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    What car to have next?

    Hi guys,

    i'm currently owning a 996TT and i'm looking for the next baby in the garage.
    Summer is arriving and a possibility could be to look at a 996TTCab. What your opinion about this move?

    Another question: 996TT vs 997C4S.
    Has anyone of you done this comparison?
    Apart from pure power what will i lose and what will i gain?

    Thanks a lot guys

    Re: What car to have next?

    Isn't the 997TT the most natural choice? :-)

    Re: What car to have next?

    Yes it is.
    The only problem is the amount of money needed.
    Too high for now.

    Re: What car to have next?

    a well optioned 997 4s probably won't be much cheaper than a new TT !
    I think when you compare the 996tt with the 997c4s, you're definetely upgrading and not downgrading, the c4s will handle better BUT you won't have that very addictive turbo power...

    Re: What car to have next?

    silvershadow said:
    Yes it is.
    The only problem is the amount of money needed.
    Too high for now.

    I'd keep the 996TT until 997TT become affordable second hand.
    If you are really willing to spend money, you can always upgrade your 996TT for the summer....
    I am not sure the improved handling of the 997C4S over a 996TT (which does not have a BAD handling !!!) worth the ponnies you loose.
    Tough call :-)

    Re: What car to have next?

    I think Jeannot to be right and maybe i will wait until the 997TT used drops down to an affordable level.

    The cabrio still tempts me a bit...but i do not know how will i feel with the loss of stiffness due to the open roof and with the increased weight.

    Does anyone have got any experience out of it?

    Re: What car to have next?

    I would wait and get the 997TT, no matter how you dice it, nothing like having a Porsche Turbo!!!

    Re: What car to have next?

    I know perfectly what you say.

    I've been recently offered a 997 C4S but i'm thinking not to go that move. Too less power compared to my TT (450bhp vs 355bhp) and a lot less torque.
    My dealer is trying to push me on that or on a 997 GT3.
    Apart from the 997 Turbo that will be the perfect choice there could be also a Gallardo, slightly used, but i have no idea how this car compare with my TT.
    Same story if a consider a Z06.

    You know guys, many possibly options but no actual real desire to leave porsche world. I love them so much.

    Re: What car to have next?

    Either mod the car, get a Cab, or save for a 997TT.

    The TT is definitely better than the C4S even though the 997 is newer.

    If for no other reason than the "modability" of the TT and the bulletproof nature of the engine.

    Re: What car to have next?

    Hi, I'd go for a 996TurboS Cab until the 997Turbo become affordable.
    Well, another choice could be a slightly used 997 GT3.

    Re: What car to have next?

    Untill end of March this year I had an 02 996 Turbo Coupe, It was a great car. At the end of March I bought 05 996 TurboS Cabriolet and I would say as far as performance goes they are very close. It definately feels better getting in your car and putting the top down. Looks good too!



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