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    Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Hi all,
    Eagerly awaiting launch day on Thursday. In the meantime, anyone care to offer their opinions?

    First off, I'm seriously considering downshifting from an S to a 2.7 Boxster with the sport pack (6 speed box and PASM). Hard choice, but in the UK I reckon the extra power will be hard to exploit 99% of the time.

    Secondly, can anyone offer a convincing argument for PCM? I don't care about in-car phoning (I'll call them back!), I can get a portable Sat-Nav system for Pounds400, and I'm hoping that *sometime* a compatible MP3 changer/iPod interface will be availble. I Will be fitting Bose though...

    Thirdly, leather - How much (availablitly aside) do I have to spend to get full leather on *everything*, for adaptive sports seats? And is the thicker sports smooth leather wheel really worth that much??

    Thanks in advance

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Forget the Bose, it really doesnt sound that good.

    My only concern on the 2.7 with the 6 spd box is that the gear ratios are matched for the S engines torque and hp. The non S Boxster is more fun with the 5spd as the gear ratios are closer and better matched to the power.

    Instead of the PASM consider a wheel upgrade instead.Bear in mind that once u own PASM it owns you forever. No changing to different spec shocks or springs or wheel/tire sizes. The software simply wont allow it. If one of those PASM corner bits - sensors/shocks/modules etc..,fail after Porsches generous warranty you will be personaly making a large contribution to Germanys GNP

    There is no convincing argument for PCM except that it impresses passengers and improves Porsches bottom line.
    Its really a terribly price to pay for a road atlas.

    Im not sure what UK leather prices are, but they are probably close to buying a Korean mini car if you add in also ordering the adaptive seats.

    Get the thicker leather sport steering wheel, its worth it

    Good luck and kindly do not order silver, black or yellow.
    There already way too many of those!

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Yeah, I did have the same thoughts about the 5 speed matching the power better than the 6. I wonder what the test cars are going to be?... have to drive. PASM similarly.

    I'll take a closer look at the Bose, but it's a lot less extra wonga than some options.

    Anyone else on the 2.7 vs 3.2 for GB roads?

    I was wondering if the Adaptive were worth the extra over the plain electric seats? (Considering that the side bolster settings aren't stored in the memory settings).

    And What exactly is covered by the leather packs? And why are the adaptive seats so *expensive*??

    So, I'm looking at a vanilla 2.7, sans 5 speed, sans PASM... will I regret it?

    I agree about the PCM by the way. If it was Pounds500, maybe. but Pounds1800??? that's just daft.

    External colour is probably going to be Seal. Trying to think of a decent alternative to boring black/blue for the interior, hence queries about full leather. Was considering Terracotta, but feel it's a little too orange. (thoughts?). Other option is Sand, or two-tone Grey/Black, but availablity of the two-tone is June, so I've been told.

    What would you lot match with Seal???

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Wheels are being upped to 18's by the way. Steering clear of the 19's for the second.

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    2.7 vs 3.2: I'm also downgrading from an S to a 2.7. Reason for me is that I only really use my Boxster at weekends and cannot justify the extra cost on my "second" car. From the performance figures released by Porsche, there doesn't seem to be much difference between a 2.7 987 and my 3.2 S(MY2000). Also it's becoming increasingly difficult to make proper use of the performance of my car in the UK what with gatsos, laser traps, and traffic calming measures.

    Leather: As for leather, the partial pack gives you seats only, the "full" gives you door panels, dash and some of the centre console. I don't think anyone really knows for sure what is covered in leather until we actually get to see the cars. The brochure is pretty vague.

    PCM: I think it's a waste of money. I'd rather spend Pounds500 on a Tom-Tom-Go which can easily be swapped between cars.

    Interior: I personally don't like the terracotta interior. Black/blue are sensible choices with seal.

    BTW: Which OPC are you going to on Thursday night? I'll be at Sutton Coldfield.

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    You might wish to look at the Build Your 2005 Boxster configurator at Please excuse our low Porsche prices in the USA.

    Although its US market info, I doubt if the leather packages
    have different bits for different markets.

    As for interior color to match Seal Grey, I suggest black. Its easiest to keep clean, looks classy and purposeful. As for the other interior colors, personally I think that the color matched steering wheels they come with look a bit over the top and are tricky to keep looking nice.

    The new 2005 Boxster 6spd has the same gear ratios for both Boxtser models. I cant imagine how ratios designed for a 276 hp motor will work optimally for a 240 hp motor. By all means get the 5 spd. At resale you won't lose anything
    more for not having a 6spd, in fact it might be more attractive to certain buyers.

    I would really like to see some data for 0-100mph times
    for a std Boxster comparing the 5spd and 6spd manuals. As third gear has a longer ratio in the 6spd, the 5spd might be quicker.

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Mobile speed traps and the general volume and slower pace of traffic on the A roads round here... and six points already.... (gotta get a detector!)... Really I see the only reason to get an S is for extensive track use, and for racing Evos with... The 50-75 times are comparable, I agree.

    Exeter on Thursday. Half way between here and Bournemouth, but I guess that one's already covered ;-)

    Was trying to avoid black leather burning the thighs in the summer... but I might have to concede. The Terracotta just isn't quite right, is it?

    I hear you about the brochure being vague on the leather options. The only news I know is that the leather door finishers (Arm rest bits, as far as I understand) aren't a currently available option in the UK! Perhaps June?? Honestly!

    My vote is with a Tom-Tom as well. In my opinion, with the pace of change in the world of technology, the fastest thing to date in the car has to be the sat-nav. In 3 years time, it's going to be so last season! I don't think the PCM v1 is even supported for navigation CD updates any more is it? Says it all!

    Enjoy the doo on Thursday!


    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    The grey interior will be rather nice with seal, as not as sombre as black. If opting for the full leather interior, then sand may look rather nice too. As to 2.7 v S. I agree with above sentiments, that's why I'm opting for the 2.7 too.

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Jim, thanks for the info. Can't convert $ to Pounds in my head though... I take it you guys get a better deal!

    Ratio wise, it depends also on how things fit with typical GB road speeds of 80mph (motorway cruising) or 60mph (back-roads) Often need to punch from 40/50mph to 70ish on the back roads. For motorways, the more probable requirement is a good mpg at 80mph. Speed law enforcement in this country really puts paid to any real fun

    PASM wise, I'm still tempted... Have to test!

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Popped down to the Exeter launch last night. Two GT Silvers, one stone full leather S on 19", the other black partial leather int on 18"; One Basalt Black with black leather and Bose. And I think another car, might have been red. Various seat options, didn't see adaptive though. My main surprise that I haven't seen mentionned anywhere is that the manual height adjustment on the standard seats is now by a ratcheted lever, rather than having to use your body weight - big plus for adjusting on the move! And yes, the new car just has that extra level of quality over the old car - very nice. Might go over to Bournemouth later to check out the sand interior. Porsche are definitely trying to push the sports chrono - all cars had it!

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Best thing for Porsche to do to help sales of the Sport Chrono Pack would be NOT to show it

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Toms Toms are a bit crap from what I've heard

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    they better hide that ugly stopwatch or integrate it into the multi function display. NO Way will I order that too ugly

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    So for some ANTI-sound, i just can't stay behind and admit that i've ordered the Sport Chrono Package plus! I just like the thing.... Sorry

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    I think people are going over the top about the stop watch... i have seen all the pictures, seen it in 997's, specced it on my new boxster... and on wednesday at the launch night i didnt even notice it. So damn ugly, whatever!

    Re: Spec queries - can anyone clarify?

    Martin Tyler said:
    I think people are going over the top about the stop watch... i have seen all the pictures, seen it in 997's, specced it on my new boxster... and on wednesday at the launch night i didnt even notice it. So damn ugly, whatever!

    Just a thought - as nearly every insurance company excludes speed trials or timing, you need to bear that in mind with the sport chrono - I would suggest if you are unfortunate to have a prang with the sport chrono activated you may find yourself with no insurance



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