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    Stone chip - worth the bother?

    I've done a couple of thousand miles since getting my Boxster in April and there are a few stone chips. Should I get these repaired by Chips Away or someone like that then get a clear plastic 3M type protection?

    I did a trip to France on the motorway and the stone chips seem to multiply! Is it worth getting the work done or just leave it and spend a lot getting it done properly? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Personally, I'd save your money and get the bonnet repainted in full at some point in the future. Chipsaway charged me about Pounds150 to fix a small scratch and they did a good job, but I don't think I'd bother with getting them to sort out a couple of stone chips.
    I'd wait until you come to sell the car, or are really peed off with the stone chips and then get the respray. It should cost you about Pounds400 at an independant bodyshop (most OPC's outsource this to independants), and the finish will be spot on. Just get some touch up paint for the time being.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    I agree - your OPC will insist on a full respray anyway should you attempt to trade it in at some point in the future, so unless it's really irritating you I'd wait until it's time to sell and then make a decision based on the condition then.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Really depends on how many chips we're talking about. As a rule I do everything possible *not* to have anything is rare to have any repaint end up being as good as the factory spray. If we're talking about having someone fix the chips or you spending an afternoon with a toothpick and some touchup paint....that's the way I would go. Only when it is really bad, where you can see it 10-15ft away would I even think about a repaint of the panel.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Yah but you'd want to get it closed up as soon as possible.(before it can cause rust damage) wouldn't you? I'm also thinking about the toothpick/touch-up solution.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Steve, how far up the bonnet did you get the chips? I'm looking at getting mine 3M'ed before I get any (fingers crossed) as it'll be my main driver, and I don't want be constantly worrying about chips.

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    I got the stone chip half-way up the bonnet! It bounced off the bumper, onto the bonnet annd took a chip out of the windscreen! Was only doing 30mph!!!! Must have been a brick! Thde paint is really soft - defo go for 3m i you dont mind the look, at least on the bumper!

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Oh no!

    What colour paint do you have? Sorry, I'm sure you've said already!

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Seal Grey! Good news though I used the toothpick thing over a few days and they are much better!!

    Re: Stone chip - worth the bother?

    Excellent news Steve. Would you still think about 3Ming the front? I'm investigating that now...

    The toothpick thing?

    What's that?

    I'm having the same affliction of stone chips. Just had my local dealer give me a quote for re-painting the hood and bumper ($945) and the hood, bumper and fenders ($1,450).




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