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    Finally, Got it!!

    I should have gotten it 2 days ago but chaos is still going on regarding the license plates since I am trying to find a 911 plate number regardless of the alphabets with no success yet. However, I took it home and no pics sorry because it is very dark right now and taking pics is no use

    There is a sound coming from the brakes as I was driving - The dealer says its probably because they were dirty during transport and it should go away, if it doesn't i'll return it to them so they can check it out. The sound is like the sound that comes out when your brake pads are worn.

    There is a huge differance between the 997s tiptronic with PASM that I drove and my car with manual transmission/-20 mm suspension and LSD. This car is so stable on the highway its like a ROCK!!! More impressions and photos tomorrow

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congratulations Muhri!
    This is great as you will provide us a great input into comparing the PASM chassis to a sports chassis!
    Please post pics whenever you can and let us know if the brake noise is ok.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Yeah, congrats muhri!
    ... and would like to hear your impression of -20mm over PASM as well.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    we don't even have the -20mm option here in the States, do we?

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Grazt on the car!! Cant wait to see your pictures!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Carrera_GTcrazy said:
    Grazt on the car!! Cant wait to see your pictures!

    I really sucks that we don't have that option here, plus its a no cost option on the S!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congratulation Maher... Detailed pics pls
    If you can't find a 911 plate try 997.. BTW, do you have the ceramic brakes? If so, this sound you're hearing could very well be normal.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Hi ha,

    I'll try 997 next week if I can't get 911 today, I've already got a couple of people looking out for one. I do not have PCCB, the salesman said try to hit the brakes hard for a several times and see if that helps but I did not do that since I was on a hurry to get home without getting caught by the cops and you know how our cops are... detailed pics coming up soon

    teutonictrio, TC M3 it is really sad that the states does not get the best free option for the 997! You guys don't know what you are missing. I can not say more!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congratulations Muhri, what an exciting time!

    I hope that brake noise goes away on it's own....problems like these spoil the new car experience, but soon forgotten once fixed. ( I had a problem with flat spotted tyres once)

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congrats Muhri

    Like the others - keen for your feedback on the lowered suspension with LSD.

    A friend of mine had a similar problems with the brakes - after about 50 miles mixed driving, the noise went away.


    Re: Finally, Got it!!


    Well, it's been a joyride. I found a plate finally a couple of days ago, and yes it is 911

    I had to keep the car at my in-laws till today because the slope of the garage at our house was very high, so I had to call our contractor who came and fixed it and now the porsche is home and can climb our garage just fine.

    Insurance, they haven't gotten back to me yet as they said they needed some sort of special permission from their head office because its a sports car! well, I've insured my Mercedes and VW golf with them for 3 years and I did not appreciate the fact that I'm still waiting for approval and a qoute!

    Regarding the sound of the brakes, it disappeared for a couple of days and now comes back for like a minute or two then disappears again, I've dropped my key below the driver's seat and had to take it to the dealership because I couldn't get it out (it fell inside a hole under a black plastic cover which covers wires) and they checked out the brakes and said it was fine and they told me to let them know if the problem presists. Well, it does presist but I'm sure if I go there, the sound won't come! and as soon as I leave it'll reappear haha...

    Anyhow, regarding the -20 mm LSD suspension, its awesome.. razor sharp and stable, the car feels like a go kart. It is a bit on the rough side, when I checked my tire pressure was 2.7bar for the front and 3.0 for the back so I deflated them to the recommended 2.3 bar for the front and 2.7bar for the back. That made the ride more comfortable but I feel like if one wants to go tracking, inflating them a bit more is a better.. It just feels more razor sharp inflated but very stiff so lower for ciry driving and higher for tracking. I'm glad I got this option and Fanch, I read your thread about the french article, they are just exagerating.. The steering could become nervous but not to that extent, if they aren't used to driving sport cars - they shouldn't be .. Like RC said, there is always the famous MB SL

    I'm having so much fun that I did not have time to wash the car, so I'm postponing showing you guys pictures till I wash it this weekend

    Terracotta with Basalt got me nothing but compliments on the streets and from my friends so I feel like I made a good choice. The bose sound system is great, the accerlation is awesome though I can't take it further than 4500RPM for now ... got 500km on the Odo now... More updates and pics later.

    Oh yeah, the exahust sounds great from the inside and way louder outside - I love it

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Great update!
    Thanks a lot Muhri and a special thank for your thoughts on the 20 mm sport chassis.
    Sounds great!
    Enjoy the car and looking forward to see some pics!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congtaulations, looking forward to the pics. Will you still retro PSE? I'm interested in your opinion now that you have the car and enjoy the standard sound, soon I'll be in a similar position soon.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congtaulations, looking forward to the pics. Will you still retro PSE? I'm interested in your opinion now that you have the car and enjoy the standard sound, I'll be in a similar position soon.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Great to hear you are enjoying the -20mm Muhri!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    med, now it does not matter as much since I got the car. I won't get PSe immediately ... I want to hear it first and see if it makes a big differance...

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congratulations muhri and mabrook. Looking forward to the pictures.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Thanks 03-turbo911, pictures coming up real soon, the car is still dirty but I'll wash it soon

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Alf mabrook & enjoy

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    yarub1, thanks buddy.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Ok Pictures, I took the car to service to get rid of the annoying 120km/h speed warning which is mandantory for Saudi Arabia and snapped a few pics real quick, I will also post in another thread pics of the famous 997 spare tire option which I saw in a new 997S being delivered.

    It was hard for me to catch the real color of Teracotta but its just a tad lighter than in the pictures..
    Front shot:

    Side shot:

    The other side:

    ASS shot

    Colored Wheel Crests:

    Steering Wheel:

    Center Console:


    Crest in headrest:

    Sports Seat:

    More Sports Seat:

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Very nice, love the combo. Take a few more pics a little further back!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Nice combo, but I love the licence plate

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Very nice combo and lic. plate .

    Congrats and enjoy it in good health.

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    MikeN, I'll have a friend of mine who's a better photographer take more pics tomorrow..

    Carlos/Ron, Thanks - The license plate took a few days to find but it was worth it

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Imagine this car with a white exterior!!!! wet dreams...

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Congratulation muhri on an excellent choice.. You won't regret it.. BTW, do you still have the merc?

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Beauiful Muhri! Love your car and plate, looking forward to the upcoming pics!

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    ha, yes I still have the Merc and the VW Golf as well. I do not know if I'll keep the golf for sure but the Merc I'm keeping cause I need at least one 4 door car along side the Porsche.

    Joost, Thanks man

    Re: Finally, Got it!!

    Nice car,great combination of the coulors.
    Thomas R



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