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    Greetings from Scotland

    Hi Guys and Girls

    Having viewed your site for the last few months I thought it time to join you all.

    The chat and information is really excellent and it seems there is a genuine interest without any bickering that seems regular on other sites.

    When choosing my new car and various add ons the experience of you old 996 TT timers proved really useful.

    On Xmas eve last year I took delivery of my first 911. A new 996 Targa Tip. Great car particularly with the sports exhaust among the many factory options. Sadly though it was not the most reliable with a knackered enging due to the balancer shaft coming loose and a targa roof requiring new motors, gears and cables. Very frustrating as it jammed while on holiday in Greece last month when the temparatures were around 35 degrees. The fact that my wife missed on out a sun tan did not help either.

    Anyhow the Targa is now history and I am now the proud owner of a new 996 TT Tip delivered to me yesterday.
    Sadly as I live in Scotland my first sight of the car was when it arrived in my drive with rain bouncing off the shiney polar silver paintwork.

    In one word the car is "awesome". This summarises for me a car that looks similar to my Targa but has taken steroids! Fitted with the new Quad pipes it is clearly the horniest bit of metal that has left any recent German production line.

    Despite filthy weather I have had the pleasure of doing 350 miles in two days and I must admit to being totally taken with it.

    I will list the spec later, but I spent most of my time today figuring out the new PCM2 system. It is simply excellent and is one serious gadget, almost so that I almost forgot I had 420Hp to play with!

    Having read various posts re running in periods I am being gentle with it and just getting used to the different feel of the car and particularly the extra width. It just seems so much more planted than my Targa even thought it had the new 18" Carrera wheels and PSM.

    Anyhow here is my spec for your interest and I dare say I shall be writing again soon, as it gives me a break from boring my wife about it.

    Porsche 996 TT Tiptronic 2003 model
    Polar Silver with metropole sports seats
    Sunroof (standard for UK)
    Aluminium finish rear cenre section
    The new Half Artic pack ( Painted centre heater vents, Aluminium line right across the car and a silver section behing the speedo/rev counter etc)
    Aluminuim dials, Stainless steel kick plates, Chrome quad pipes
    Heated seats
    PCM2 with telephone
    6 CD Multiplay
    Cruise control
    Alloy pedals by Cargraphic (rather pointless as I use hand controls, but they look good and stop the pedal bending when kickdown is required)
    GT2 inserts by Techart and painted in Polar Silver

    Kindest regards to all



    Thanks for joining us, I hope you'll enjoy your stay over here.
    Congrats to your new Turbo, I'm sure you'll have a lot of fun with it.

    If you have pictures, feel free to post them.
    If you don't know how to post pictures (or how to resize them to fit), just send them over to .
    I'll be more than happy to post them for you.

    Drive safely.

    Re: Greetings from Scotland

    Welcome, I look forward to seeing some photos of your car!

    Polar is a great color, I love mine!




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