After two weeks am starting to make real headway into the 3000km run-in, but not without some outside lane hassle on the motorways. Have tried to limit myself to 160km (4,000 rpm in 6th) but there is a staggering amount of traffic doing 200km/hr + .........esp on the Dubai-AbuDhabi route where the numerous 120 km speed cameras don't seem to bother many of the Cayenne turbos, M5s & V8 Mercs.

The 997S is such a potent beast (I'm looking fwd to some red-line action) .........that it has actually made me more sensitive to my speed & the speed (recklessness) of others.

Otherwise I can only add that PSE is a big hit (having tried all tweaks and disconnects).
Short shift manual is quick, firm & precise but not as challenging as others seem to have found. I do spend some time in heavy traffic but still wouldn't have a 911 transmission any other way !