Here is a comparison of a 991 mule vs the current 997.2. One can see that the door design is different and there is more space between the door and the rear wheel, which seems to indicate an increase in wheelbase (some say an extra 100mm).

By increasing the 911 wheelbase it appears that PAG is dressing a Cayman in 911 skins, allowing for a mid-engine setup. This may be done for motorsports reasons to race a mid-engine car in 911 clothes. I suspect that the road cars will still be rear-engined w/ a longer wheelbase. Whatever the case, I suspect future 911s will drive quite differently.

I like a 911 for its basic design and that means short wheelbase (remember it used to be shorter) and all-in-the-rear architecture. If the new 911 has a Cayman wheelbase with a mid-engine setup, it may look like a 911, but it is not a 911 - it is a camouflaged Cayman.

It is a shame that PAG seems to be doing this instead of racing the Cayman. 

Edit: I note that the Cayman's wheelbase is 65.5mm longer than the 997. If the 991 adds 100mm to the 997 wheelbase, its wheelbase will be 34.5mm longer than the Cayman's. 



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