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    A lesson in street driving

    The other day I was in my mini and enter a stretch of road with a couple of S curves and then a 120 degree right hand curve. As I approached the section of the highway I slipped behind a Porsche 997 Cab. in a draughting move as he put his car through the paces.

    I stayed on his tail as we went completed the last S turn and at this point I assume he would run away from me as we enter the 120 degree turn. Suddenly and without warning, he applied his brakes in a dramatic fashion which surprised me because the road was clear ahead of him (though I was on his tail his top was down and I could see what was ahead of him).

    Fortunately, I was able to swerve into another lane and avoid a collision. I was so pissed because I thought he had done it on purpose. I slowed done to tell him what a dangerous move he had just made.

    We went around the 120 degree curve and lo and behold but a radar trap with a police car and motorcycle policeman waiting to nab speeders. Fortunately, we both had slowed down enough not to be in violation.

    We then arrived at the traffic light and I asked him how knew they were around the bend because you would never be able to see them. He said he has V1. Thanks Mike.

    Lesson; if your going to do this type of driving on public roads never forget that the driver in front of you may see things or act in a manner totally unexpected. In track driving most drivers have enough experience to understand the impact of their drivng on the car ahead and behind them.

    Also, it helps to have a Valentine. I was not aware it could detect around corners.

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    True, thats one of the first things you learn when driving a motorcycle, next time it could be a dog crossing the road you cannot see, or an obstacle, or a bee inside the cabin, or he could be drunk, or answering the phone or putting on lipstip, etc.

    Also, it helps to have a Valentine. I was not aware it could detect around corners.

    You are joking, right?

    Anyway, what you described happened to me except I was the car in front, I dind't brake hard but had an [beep] tailgating who didn't understand why I was slowing down, and I was the one who stopped the car at the next stop light and got out of the car to tell off the driver, when he realised why I slowed down, he ended up thanking me since he just saved his licence

    nberry said:
    Lesson; if your going to do this type of driving on public roads...

    Re: In the ditch with GT3
    nberry said:

    Thankfully your safe and the car damage appears to be minimal. I am curious as to why you would want to play with a Yamaha R1 on a road with several curves?

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    Carlos, you raise a good point regarding why I was engaged in this exercise. Stupidity.

    Though I did not see any danger in doing what I did, it nevertheless was a dangerous move especially riding the Porsche tail as I did. I committed the cardinal sin by assuming all Porsche drivers know what they are doing.

    Finally, with respect to the GT3 incident, I believe there is a vast difference between playing with another car and a motorcyclist. One mistake by the cyclist and he is dead or maimed. I would not want to be part of that scenario.

    FWIW, I have never used a radar detector and honestly do not know their range.

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    well I'm glad nothing happened

    As to the V1 radar detector, what are you waiting for? you just saw how usefull they are, and they are perfectly legal in California

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    nberry said:

    I committed the cardinal sin by assuming all Porsche drivers know what they are doing.

    It appeared by your story that the porsche driver DID know what he was doing

    You tailgater!

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    Driving a Mini prob sends all kinds of messages to a likely metrosexual P driver in CA....not that there's anything wrong w/that....

    Street racing is never smart.....typically moronic stuff of ricers who work at BestBuy; live w/Mommy; and who have little to lose in life (jail is free room/board/sex, right? ) surprise why street-racing prevails in certain socio-economic groups...Darwinian selection does prevail....

    Have never felt need for silly radar detectors in CA.....tend to be familiar w/any stretches of roads that may be worthy of more spirited solo driving....

    If one "needs" a radar detector, likely driving through unknown stretches of condolences

    And if one is truly driving at dramatically fast speeds in CA (where many urban fwys flow at 80MPH ), would suspect CHP, esp in hilly CA, can easily eyeball unusual speeds (even as they are getting on fwy from an on-ramp).....or a fellow motorist may just call 911 re: observed reckless radar detectors are fairly worthless for 100MPH+ driving in non-Podunk (and many Podunk) CA locales....

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    Is it possible to have the valentine one here in Europe?

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    silvershadow said:
    Is it possible to have the valentine one here in Europe?

    Yes, I have it. You will need somebody in the US to order it for you though. This might prove annoying because mine has fallen out of tune and needs to be recalibrated - meaning I need to send it back to the US

    Re: A lesson in street driving

    nberry said:

    Also, it helps to have a Valentine. I was not aware it could detect around corners.

    Radar detectors cannot see around corners; they detect the beam of radar that extends beyond the corner (like car headlights that are visible while the car is out of sight).

    I almost always use a V1 but became complacent on my backroad Eifel commute where police radar is unusual and left the V1 at home. A week later I came around a fast sweeper with a 70 km/h speed limit at 156 km/h and was zapped by a mobile radar patrol.

    I got a three month ban from driving in Germany (which will apply while I am in NZ for the winter) and a 400 euro fine. I put the V1 straight back in my car, but have not detected a single police radar for months on the Eifel backroads.



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