I started a new thread to put some more pictures in.

I find that the GT2 is very easy to go fast in. I leave SC/TC on. The car likes for the rear sway bar to tight and the front bar one hole from the end. The Hoosiers tires work best at 39 psi hot. The car has track alignment.

We are having GMG sway bars installed this week with a corner balance.

The dealer is replacing the front calibers. The rear brakes eat a lot of pads. The high temperature sensors on the trubos are being replaced. We lost a lot of power from the motor. Only way to find problem was to hook up dealer computer and drive the car. We believe the problem came with the car from the factory.

The GT2 is easy and fun to drive. The grin does not leave my face. The car draws a crowd were ever we go with it.

As good as the GT2 is on the Track it is even better on the street. The car really defies all logic!