Guys: I never rev up behind the light(at first at least), I just wait and see what the other guy will do and then watch my RPM's at the next light or roll and keep the rpm's high and when the time is right I get on it. Many times I look at the other driver as soon as I feel he is looking for a race. I smile and give him a thumb up. That right there get's you started on the right foot and it will be a friendly race regardless of the outcome.

In an 06 997S I have kept up with an 04 996TT Cab from one light to the next, we shifted 3 gears and he could not pull away. He was laughing but he was hoping for a longer stretch to show his real Turbo power but redlining in the 2nd and shift in the 3rd was the extent of it. Yes overall the 996TT is faster but off the line, it's a close race. I raced an SL55 before the light turned green he looked down for a 2nd and I punched it and jumped ahead, 2 lights and he never passed me. Yes I cheated but he was pissed
Last week I was on the tail of a Gallardo, no doubt it's faster than the 997S but the arrogant driver thought he can jsut step on it and cut me off at will. Guess what? I blocked him everytime he thought he could just step on it and rudely change 4 lanes to get to my side of the freeway and cut me off. It never happened On the twisties I was on him as he could not drive the lambo the way it should have been driven. Dude drive a faster car but don't be an A$$ about it and do not underestiamte the 997S. You might beat the 997S but the race is not over until the 997S gives you at least one black eye