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    Painted valances and trim-matching tape

    Some of you know my C-T came with black front and rear valances and I had them painted silver recently. I just bought and applied some black body-trim tape to the valances so they blend with the black fender-edge trim that came with the off-pavement package. Here's a pic; 2 more are the 1st at

    BTW, I have plenty of that 2"-wide, satin-finish tape if anyone needs some; I suspect my son will inherit the 45' or so if none of you take some.

    Re: Painted valances and trim-matching tape

    That looks great Jeffrey. I am guessing not many people opted for the off-road design package. And, of those that did, even fewer painted their lower moldings. I'm guessing your son will have some tape soon.

    BTW, you have been changing your own oil. Do you have to remove that skidplate/engine protection piece (which is metal on yours I think because of the design pack) when you remove the filter or is there an easier way to get it off?

    Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    Yes one has to remove the rear (plastic) undertray and the forward, stamped-steel one to get to the pan plugs and oil filter, respectively. (I left these off during the break-in-oil-change process.) I first raise it to extra-terrain level and then drive it onto ramps about 7" high. That gives me plenty of clearance to use a drill-driver on all the 10mm-hex and Phillips-head screws holding them on. I guess it takes maybe 20 extra minutes with that work. From what I understand, that's not nearly as time consuming as some Porsches are for oil changes.

    BTW, the oil-filter wrench is an 'OEM'-brand type B that I got at Autozone.

    Am still using M1 0W-40 but will be changing to Red Line 5W-40 in early summer.

    Re: Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    That forward stamped steel pan is normally plastic as well. Yours is steel because of the off-road design package. I replaced mine recently: rennteam web page

    Re: Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    At what mileage intervals have you changed the oil?

    Re: Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    knockoff, I believe in changing oil in NEW engines the same way the Dems vote in Cook County*--early and often. I drained the factory fill and filter at 33 miles and filled with Mobil dead-dino oil. I drained that batch at around 200 miles, and at around 2000 miles refilled with M1 0W-40.

    I'm now changing at about 10,000-mile intervals, which is twice a year for me.

    *--Chicago, long-time home of the corrupt Daly political machine.

    Re: Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    jeffrey, when and why did you paint the calipers Silver?

    Re: Yes I have changed the C's oil 4 times now.

    He didn't. He swapped with Kevin.

    Re: Painted valances and trim-matching tape


    This is one nice looking C-T. Infact I am planning to carryout the same mods on my V6 once its here next month.

    Could you please direct me to a web site source of the black body trim tape.

    What make and size of wheels are on your car?



    C-V6, the wheels I got at They're 'Braid' brand that were made in Spain. Unfortunately 'PA' is no longer doing business with them, but PA may have found another company. They're 20x10s spec'd with 7.2" backspace. If I had it to do all again, I'd make them 9.5" wide, since the rim edges get gouged and bent from off-pavement-rock impacts a little too often, and I'd make 'em 7" backspace. I spec'd the center color (same as that of my '99 Grandokee) and even the mix of exposed and hidden screws.

    I'll GIVE you plenty enough tape; e-mail me at

    BTW I've commissioned a set of Porsche-badged centercaps to replace the originals. (For how the originals were lost, see this.)



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