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    Made the decision for the Modena!

    As soon as I saw it, I made up my mind, I'm changing my GT2 with the Modena.
    I found a perfect Daytona Black/cuoio naturale 6 speed with less than 600 miles on it.
    The car is really gorgeous in black and has also the Daytona interior which with the cuoio naturale color is fantastic.
    I really loved my Gt2, but for many reasons I think I'm not going to regret this decision.
    I just hope that I won't miss its brutal performance too much...
    I've already called Tubistyle...

    Re: Made the decision for the Modena!

    congrats, luigi! the F360 (especially in black) is IMO a lot more disirable than a GT2. hope that you share your experiences with your new car with us!
    cheers; zzboba

    Re: Made the decision for the Modena!

    Congrats Luigi,
    Weather it is the right move is a question of taste and you made your own decision, good for you.
    However, once you'll have driven the modena, can you tell me how you compare both in terms of finish quality, I mean by that, the plastics, the instruments layout, in other words the quality feel.
    Are modern Ferrari really cheap feeling when it comes to that?
    I've seen the interior of 355, and while it's not terrible, it's quite basic for a car of that price.
    Thanks and enjoy the noise!!!

    Re: Made the decision for the Modena!

    Congrats, Luigi !

    I just hope you know what you're doing.
    Performance-wise, you're moving a step back.

    As always: pictures, pictures, pictures, when you have it.

    Re: Made the decision for the Modena!

    I was thinking I might be able to see your GT2 in Milan
    Enjoy your new Ferrari..!

    Thanks for the recommendation by the way.

    Read the News, Luigi ... no joke.

    Re: Read the News, Luigi ... no joke.

    Fiat has very big financial problems and this is a fact, it has been in even bigger trouble in the past but it has managed to stay afloat and do the turnaround.The problem is that it has always relied too much on the governement's help to solve part of its problems and now mr. Berlusconi is less keen to help Agnelli.
    That said I doubt that the Agnelli family will sell Fiat to GM, it might give it some more shares but I think it will try to keep the majority of the votes in the board.

    On the other hand, I'd better hurry and buy one of the last italian Ferraris if what you say ever comes true...

    William , I will still have my GT2 for next week at least, so I guess that you are just in time.BTW did you go to the place I told you?

    Re: Read the News, Luigi ... no joke.

    Yes, I went there tonight. At first the hotel told me the restaurant was full and I gave them 'the name' you gave me <img src=""> Then everything was ok...

    The food was great, I especially love the assorted boiled beef. Thanks again! It is better than 'Sebatini' which I thought was the best in Rome.

    One question, who is he?

    One more thing, I still have my Tubi exhaust sitting in my garage after I sold my 360. If you don't mind waiting until september I can try to ship it to you? I really really really missed the car but I have to sell it because it was alittle too flashy for school use and my reputation became notrious after owning it for couple of weeks :(

    Anyways, I don't recall myself using the CD player after installing Tubi, but DON'T get the F1 transmission as you won't get the raw thrill of driving a Ferrari! The sound when you blip and match rev with your own foot is really addictive. Vroom Vroom...

    Re: Read the News, Luigi ... no joke.

    It seems that the Agnelli family is forced to sell a bigger part of the cake because of severe financial problems. Bringing Ferrari to the stock market doesn't provide them with enough funds to secure Fiat's future.
    Opel and Fiat already are cooperating and it would be only logical to try to do what VW did (and does) with VW, Audi and Skoda. Sharing platforms and parts is very cost effective, the new Cayenne is a very good example for this strategy too. A takeover of Ferrari has it's advantages and disadvantages. Looking at Jaguar and Lamborghini, the advantages are obvious. But Ferrari is financially healthy and these two companies weren't when they were taken over.

    I'm sure that a Fiat takeover by GM would induce serious protest in Italy but on the other hand, we have a global market and the big players try to put their feet everywhere they can.

    I guess you know this stuff much better than I do, Luigi.

    A lot of things are changing on the global car markets and I think Fiat won't be the last car company to be in trouble.

    To William: good decision speaking of your school "car problem". I guess it is hard to swallow for some university staff that a student drives a better car than a honored professor. It is sad but true.
    Speaking of school, I have a similar problem with my neighbours. Drive the most expensive Mercedes isn't a problem. But when I had a Porsche for the first time, neighbours made a lot of stupid comments. Things have changed a bit, they got used to my cars but the "look" is still there with them. If I'd buy a Ferrari or even a Lamborghini, I guess they never speak with me again.
    Sad but true again.

    Re: Read the News, Luigi ... no joke.

    William, I'm glad you liked it!It is one of my fav. places when I'm in Rome.The name, is my name.
    Tell me more about your 360 experience, how long did you keep the car, specification, and above all driving impressions after some time of ownership.
    I don't like the F1 tranny and chose a 6 sp., makes me much more involved in the driving.
    About the Tubi, I heard there are two versions, a loud one and a super loud one, is it true? and which one is yours?

    RC: I want to see your neighbours' faces when you will show up in that beautiful black Murcielago.
    I know you're going to fall for it sooner or later...

    My Ferrari driving impression

    My 360 was a 1999 Red/black Euro F1 transmission (Euro spec) without converting to US spec. I had the car for 6 month and put 10K miles on it. It wasn't my ideal option espeically I didn't like the F1 and red color

    Here is my 2 cent,

    Driving aspect of the F360, I can say is one of the best experience I had including the used Alfa Romeo sprint I used to have. You heard of it? Anyways, one of the most noticable difference between the Turbo and the F360 is the instant response from the N.A. V8. I mean everytime I tab to 1st gear and floor the gas. The rear wheel start to spin from the instant torque kick in. If you know what I mean Sliding will just be a tab on the throttle So I think if you like sideway action, you will love the Ferrari rather than 996 Turbo. The handling character of the car is still alittle understeer but power over is much easier to execute. It is definetly harder to drive fast than the Turbo but easier to drive than the F355.

    Performance wise or speed wise is can't even compare to a Gt2 for sure, but I remember the time I used to own the Alfa, I used to drive the car around the mountain roads during the weekend. Most of the time I was zoomed by a 911 or even a 328i and I still have a smile on my face. But Why? In the Turbo, anytime there were some guy try to tailgate me or pass me. I will do my best!! You know what I mean? I just turn into this crazy person, going into the corner with unbeliveable speed. But in the Alfa or Ferrari, how fast you go is irrevant but how much fun you are having. You put the Ferrari into a slide with the combination of sound when you downshift and the echo bounce back from the mountain. You won't care rather a Bus or a Porsche pass you Now I talk about it, I really want my Ferrari back!!! I don't know how the italian do it, but both the Alfa, Ferrari and even the Lancia really put those great memory in me forever.

    If you want to ask me rather the Ferrari is a sport car, I have to say the Ferrari is not exactly a hardcore raw thrill sport car. The GT3 is more of a sport car. Its a nimble, usable Ferrari for everyday. I guess is the best way to describe it.

    As for the Tubi I had, I really don't know which one is it. I assume it is the not so loud one, because it really wasn't so loud when the window was close. Also the suspension setting was broken after 2000 miles, I had to replace the whole system without warrenty because it was a Euro spec

    wish you luck, hey I am going Milan Wednesday. Dinner recommendation ? Should I just go around and say I am a friend of you if I had problem for reservation ?

    ASR vs PSM.

    The ASR system is different than the PSM, if you drive in the race track you have to turn it off to achieve max track. PSM can be on in certain track to help correct driver's error. The ASR sometime kick in at the wrong time really can pisses you off!

    You should be more sensitive around your butt when you drive the Ferrari, since it is a Mid-engine layout. You hardly notice the car was in a slide until the slip angle went too far. This is the opposite for the Porsche, you can notice just little lose of grip at the rear. I think this kind of behavior is very typical for a M.R. car

    I think to achieve a fast track time in the 360, you should NOT even put yourself into the situation where you need to counter steer but instead leave steering postion exactly the way you want the car to go. Porsche require some countersteer to compensate the weight at the back.

    One of the upgrade I was thinking about doing is changing the 360 Challenge steering wheel. People said it one of the best upgrade instead of wasting money on the challenge grill or challenge wheels.


    Hello William,
    You said you have a tubi exhaust, interesting.
    My neighbor has a 360 spider yellow with blue top (weird) and I think he has the tubi bc it is just soooo loud!!!!
    I wonder how he does more than a 100 km in it?
    It must be the noisy version.
    You said yours was not that loud windows up, could you have a proper conversation at resonnable motorway speed (about 150 km/h)? This is helpful as I care a lot about sound but also enjoy quiet motorway ride (Porsche has got it right with the button for the sport exhaust!!!)


    It is very loud from the outside, actually much lounder than 996 Sport exhaust but not as loud as Fabspeed on the 996 Turbo. This can give you some reference point.

    But I really didn't know what your standard of loud is, I can still tolerate the loundness of the Tubi because it sounded so good. But with the window closed, i consider it as quiet with occasion rumble when the car was in ideal.

    I will try to ask the shop in California who sold me the Tubi rather it was the loud version.

    William did you buy and sell your car in the US?

    If so did you take a big loss because it was a Euro car and not DOT approve?

    I totally agree with your assessment of the 360. The driving experience is the same whether your driving at 25mph or 125mph. A fantastic experience. One needs to drive one for awhile to understand

    Re: William did you buy and sell your car in the US?

    no, I didn't buy the car in the US but through a friend and also sold the car to a friend. I was driving the car with fogien plate, but insurance was very high though, 1K+ US per month.



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