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    Upgrading alarm system

    I've just completed upgrading the alarm system on my 987 S. Since the 987 and 997 share the same alarm system components , the upgrade is compatable with both models. The upgrade involves fitting the battery backed siren and tilt (tow away)sensor. These devices are usually only supplied as additional security for the Uk and Netherlands (option I536)where seurity requirements are the most stringent. If anyone is interested in purchasing a kit of parts and instructions , let me know.

    Re: Upgrading alarm system

    Some of us in the US would like to hear what it intails...
    Could you share the info??

    Re: Upgrading alarm system

    Since the wiring for Porsche cars is bespoke for each country, the wiring for these additional devices is not present in the loom for vehicles outside of the Uk/ Gibraltar/ Cyprus and Netherlands. I have made up a wiring loom using OEM plugs that adds to the existing loom to allow these devices to operate. The battery backed siren bolts onto a bracket for which there is already provision in the battery compartment , the tilt sensor is secured to a bracket under the center console in a similar way. Both locations and fixings are OEM , so there is no drilling or modification required. After fitting the devices , the cables must then be fed back to the fusebox for power and the rear CU. There is a blanking grommet in the bulkhead ideal to pass the siren cables through. Since there are spare ways in the fusebox , its just a simple job of fitting the blade carrier in the rear of the vacant location. After the remaining cables have been routed to the rear CU, they must be added to the correct vacant positions in the appropriate plug , and the ground terminations clamped down. There are no wire splices or crimp connections , everything runs from the sensors to the CU and fusebox directly. Once the cabling is in place the rear control unit needs to be coded to UK / Netherlands option, this enables the additional devices to operate. I made up the loom myself using the correct termination pins and plugs , so its a simple job to add these to the existing plugs on the rear CU and click in place on the vacant positions in the fusebox. The entire install does not interfere or modify any of the existing wiring loom. Accessing the rear CU requires the driver seat and inner door guard to be removed , these are the only major jobs other than some center console trim removal.
    Porsche originally offered a similar kit for the 986/996 though there is nothing available for the current models , this is why I made my own. Not only have my local OPC commented on the install, they have also provided a letter stating the alarm operation is identical to a UK supplied car.
    The fittment is completely reversible simply by changing the coding of the rear CU back to its original setting , which can be done at the dealership for about 1/2 hours labour.
    I intend to start selling the looms on e bay , but if someone would like to try a loom in the USA , maybe we could work something out. The cost of the sensors is about 250 USD or 125 UK pounds.



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