Had a good chance to wander round the showroom on Wednesday.

Rear lights growing on me. Not sure about the diffuser. Other than that, differences aren't huge.

Mirrors have a daft rim to them, I don't know if that's to reduce drag or make the size increase seem less.

The roof now has two buttons to activate, one for up, one for down. (why?? Anyone?).

Oddly (at least on the two models I tried) with the windows all the way down, when you open a door, they go UP a little bit. Again, why??

I think the deflectors under the front bumper infront of the wheels are a little bigger and more sturdy looking. All small tweaks. Anyone notice any more?

And do the new cars still have lighting in the door handles? I still think this 'ambient' lighting, together with the one shining down on the centre console are just too subtle!