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    Car wash?

    Will washing at the car wash (by hand ofcourse not mechanical) but with significant water pressure harm the paint/finish/etc...? Help greatly appreciated.

    Re: Car wash?

    Hi IDH,

    If you mean using a jetwash I would not put the jet of water too close to the paint - I suggest at least a foot / 30 cms from the bodywork. Otherwise it may damage the paint, yes.

    I would use a wash mitten - available in most auto stores - for washing. I also use a chammy leather for drying (some don't recommend this but works for a non-detailer type like me) and a microfibre cloth for buffing. Be careful to throw away anything that has fallen on the floor or looks more than slightly soiled - otherwise you may end up with tiny pieces of grit scratching your paint.

    If you want to avoid having to wash the car so often, and get a good shine, then I recommend Rejex, which repels dirt/water - works on wheels and windscreens, too. If you want to get the real deal shine you will need a polish that uses carnuba wax - in general, the higher the proportion of carnuba wax in the polish the better (but I gather this not always the case). The Internet has loads of reviews of these products.

    This is just what I have found from my amateurish attempts at washing the car - I imagine you will get a lot of semi-pro detailer types such as 69Bossnine who will give you far better advice than I...



    Re: Car wash?

    Hey IDH, Id recommend not using a jetwash at all because the risk is relatively high...I scuffed up a lovely imola blue M5 with a jetwash...its very easy to just lean in a bit more to get off some stubborn mud and find that the paint is peeling off... not good!

    Re: Car wash?

    plus those jetwash bruhses are grit traps, have you seen all the Moto X boys washing their muddy bikes with them ?

    Re: Car wash?

    Car washes recycle water. Assuming someone is maintaining the filtration system, there may be less grit in the water but the dissolved crap will still be there.

    A pressure wash will drive water into recesses where it maybe shouldn't become lodged.

    If you live where it's warm and dry this might not be a problem. If it's cool and damp; the water you injected a few months ago may stay in those crevices for months longer.

    This is the stuff I heard; makes sense to me.

    Re: Car wash?

    When I bought a second hand 911 many years ago the owner had been careful never to hand-wash his car,--thankfully! It had always gone through a touch-less washing system. The more we physically touch our cars the more damage we do. Same thing for those obsessed with constantly polishing their black cars. They are taking material off,--everytime. The key to car washings is to use a lot of water, and never do anything with it when dry. I've seen people use these dust things to dust off their cars,--and they don't realize that they are screwing them up. I say nothing because it's their choice. Use the mildest soap and the least pressure. I have a serious pressure washer but never use it on the Porsche. I will use it sparingly on the wheelwell areas (bottom) occasionally but with the pressure turned down significantly.


    Re: Car wash?

    I use the Swissol integrated system, considerably expensive (appr. USD$900) but carefully designed to minimize the typical drawbacks of the handwashing.

    FYI I attach (1) the order just to see the items used, (2) a world premier of a process diagram as produced on my own after thoroughly perusing their handbook and (3)the original Swissol handbook in itself.

    I do use a Karcher pressure washer, always standing more than one meter away from the body just to make sure I'll not hurt the outter painture layer.

    Send me in your questions.

    Re: Car wash?

    I never touch the car. I use a pressure washer (at an angle) and then I use the 'spot free rinse' followed by a brisk drive to 'blow dry'. This avoids water spots and nothing touches that car. Once or twice per year I will wax the car. Been doing this for 20 years and it works the best. I do dry the door jams etc. with a just washed cotton towel when I get home. I have a powerwasher at home but I find it is more trouble that it's worth. I have to buy the detergent and also the spot free rinse agent seperatly and then drag it out to the driveway, hook it up to the hose and eletricity etc. - then the rest of the family wants me to wash their cars.

    I have not heard of any car washes recycling water - at least not in the Mid-west. Of course we hardly ever see bans on washing or watering lawns which are common place in other regions.



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