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    Enable Bluetooth Phone and iPod on a CDR-220


    I am searching the web high and low for the BEST solution to enable Bluetooth Phone capabilities with my 2001 996 that has the Becker CDR-220 and CD Changer/AMP add on (Club Coupe Specification 249 Option P05). This is a Bose add on system.

    I am finding mixed discussions about the AUX capabilities of the head unit already being used for the CD Changer or not.

    I want an integrated system that works with the existing head unit and does not require any external buttons if possible. I just bought an Apple iPhone and would like to use the Bluetooth as an integrated phone capabilities and also the iPod features of the phone to play music in the car without tuning through a radio station.

    Is this all possible and if so how??????

    Thanks much in advance,

    Re: Enable Bluetooth Phone and iPod on a CDR-220

    The easiest way to do it is just to change out the head unit that supports the iPhone those should be coming out soon.

    Re: Enable Bluetooth Phone and iPod on a CDR-220

    I just had a Parrott MK6100 Bluetooth Hands Free Kit installed in my 2001 996 C2 and it is incredible.

    I had to buy a Jabra A125s to make my iPhone become A2DP compatible but I am now able to pair the iPhone with the Parrott and achieve hands free phone functionality as well as stream music from my iPhone to the CDR-220 system. This all works through the stereo system in the car. The Parrott when paired uses the PHONE functionality of the CDR-220. I also was able to keep my CD Changer as the Parrott does not use AUX so nothing was sacrificed. The only issues was that the Parrott when streaming can only feed 4 speakers and car has 6 so I gave up the in dash speakers when using the MK6100.

    I think this is a GREAT solution for all Porsche owners until Porsche makes a Bluetooth Hands free system. I am going back to have the LCD moved from just on right of steering column on dash to down by the stick below the AC unit. I had the MIC placed by the center map lights.

    Parrott MK6100 $269.00

    Jabra A125s $36.00 (ebay)

    Installation $250.00 Elite Sound and Security (Coral Gables, FL)

    Apple iPhone $$$$$$ (don't ask)

    Hope others are able to use this and spend less time researching a viable solution to BT in the Porsche. My installer said that even though I am the non fiber optic head unit that the solution will work with the Fiber Optic head units as well.

    Happy Bluetoothing......




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