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    New Car Niggles

    Hi Guys,

    I'd like to thank everyone for helping me choose the options for my car, I finally got it last week .

    I have a couple of questions on a few niggles I have.
    1) When I start the car when its cold it makes a rattling noise from the rear. This goes away after about 15 seconds, is this normal?

    2) I have only done 400 miles but the 1st gear is very notchy and difficult to get into gear. Does this loosen up (I have the short shifter)?


    Re: New Car Niggles

    I never had the rattle from the rear, but I think I've read something on here about it. I think it might be nothing to worry about.

    Mine, even without the short shifter, is notchy into first when cold. When it's warmed up, i.e. oil temp is 90~100C every gear glides in. If you're having problems once everything is warmed up I'd pop back to your OPC. There is a cable adjustment (I think!) which is easily made and should solve the issue.

    Enjoy the car, 6000 on mine and loving it! Just don't have time to drive it much!

    Re: New Car Niggles

    The rattle is normal when cold.

    The tight shifting/notchy feeling also goes away when the car warms up.

    Re: New Car Niggles

    Not noticed the rattle... is it very pronounced?

    As mentioned previously, gear changes with sshifter are notchy when cold...mine is.

    Enjoy the car...what specs? pics?

    Re: New Car Niggles

    A little rattle at start up is normal with all Porsches.

    The shifter should NOT BE notchy ( except when it's VERY cold outside ,due to transmission oil viscosity )

    I have the short shifter and it is very smooth in all gears.

    Porsche has one of the best(if not THE best )transmissions .
    I got the car with the standard shifter and it was smooth as silk . A while later I installed the short shifter myself and played with the cable adjustment until I had it right. There is a SLIGHT bit more effort required going into first , but it's by no means as notchy as described by some .

    Have the cables adjusted and do not accept "it's normal" from the dealer .

    Re: New Car Niggles

    no metal sounds no notchy gears with SS

    Re: New Car Niggles

    No rattles on start up here. (997 S Cab) I'd have it checked. Some have mentioned issues w/ exhaust flaps.

    I've heard the short shifter can be notchy when the car is cold.

    Re: New Car Niggles

    Both items absolutely normal.

    Re: New Car Niggles

    My 06 cab has the shifter problem. I already called my dealer, even when warmed up the car will sometime not go into 1st unless I go into another gear first.

    Re: New Car Niggles

    Thanks guys.

    It does sound like it is a problem then. Sometimes I have to double clutch to get it into gear and quite often it seems to scrape into gear.

    I'll phone my OPC.


    Re: New Car Niggles

    Enjoy the car...what specs? pics?

    Other than the above issues the car is awsome. I was quite lucky with the timing and managed to get an '07 car.

    I went for pretty much any option with the word "sport" in it . Sport shifter, suspension, chrono, seats...etc
    Its amazing how difficult the dealer was about the sports suspension though, I had to insist (thanks to people on the board for that).



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