I love London!
Was walking on Charles street this morning and there it was, dark green AM Vanquish, splendid Really stuning car,
Makes the porsches look ordinary and Italian cars vulgar IMO.
Then, luck, the owner shows up, he was in fact right behind me, really nice guy.
Had a very quick chat, asked him about the F1 transmission if it was really that jurky like the press said.
He said it takes a while getting used to, but once you've mastered it it's fine.
Then, the best part, he left!!!
Which means, he fired up the engine, what a noise
This is the BEST sounding exhaust STOCK ever made!!!
You can have louder, but not stock.
A Ferrari sounds like a Punto in comparaison.
He reversed and then left waving me off.
Nice guy.
What a great noise, first gear all the way, unbelievable
I am in love...